Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Warning Signs That A Divorce Is Imminent

Keeping a marriage alive requires constant attention and effort, as loving someone else doesn’t just come naturally like everyone thinks. You need to actively work to love the other person and show them that you care. Although, having the expectation that your partner will come around and love you in the way you want is a falsehood and will most likely end up in a divorce. Working together to build a relationship is one thing, but if this becomes a constant chore then it could be a sign that your compatibility has run out.

No More Commonality

When everyday arguments begin to arise out of small situations in preference and taste, this is a sign that your outer skin has worn off and that your true nature is coming out. We tend to put on a little bit of a front when first meeting people by easily agreeing with them and trying to show our best qualities and attributes. Once the 'honeymoon' stage has worn off and your true colors begin to show, the lack in common ground is an early sign that a divorce could be in the horizon. 

You Can’t Do Anything Right

If your partner begins to complain about you not calling them right away or when anything you say to them becomes an argument there is an underlying cause to this. Many times people bottle up large issues that are bothering them and will lash out at the small things when they have an opportunity. They are harboring a lot of negative emotions and this is something that should be brought out into the open and discussed to get to the root of the problem before it is too late. 

Change In Appearance

After being together for some time each person gets comfortable with the acceptance of their flaws and appearance. While a certain level of comfort is good, when a person begins to let themselves go, they are losing their desire to please and attract their partner. Just because you decided to be with someone for life, this does not mean that you shouldn’t still want to look good for them and attract them to you. This is a double edged sword in a double negative fashion. One person is losing interest and not caring for themselves, and at the same time their partner loses interest from the lack of attractiveness they once saw in their partner. 

Arguing Over The Same Subject

When you cannot find a resolution to a topic and you are both dead set on a certain issue, counseling may be in order to try and find some middle ground. If the issue is so large and your values will be altered then a divorce is probably imminent. Once people are so far apart on topics that they aren’t willing to budge on, it is almost impossible to negotiate a common understanding. Seek marriage counseling to get another party involved to avoid getting nowhere in arguments like this. 

No Intimacy

One of the easiest and most frequent signs pointing towards a divorce is a lack in intimacy. Whether this is all of the sudden or has progressed over time, your level of intimacy is a good indicator of how well the relationship is faring. It is an important aspect of being with someone and should be kept alive to keep the relationship interesting, fun and new. 

This article was authored by Nicholas Quinlan. Nick is currently pursuing his JD at Stetson University in Sanford, FL and is concentraiting in family law. In his free time, Nick likes to compose content for the divorce related website DreamsRecycled. DreamsRecycled specializes in finding a home for your old wedding items after a divorce. If you would like to learn more about Nick, you can connect with him on Google+

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