Friday, August 1, 2014

Violin and Guitar

Hubby and I talked about switching our focus on what our son could do to hone his talent. He is also musically inclined like his sister but he doesn't have that patience to sit for a longer period of time and be taught. We are thinking of registering him to a swimming lesson in the area starting this Fall because he is never afraid of the water and in fact, he can swim now even without proper lesson. We want him to learn the proper strokes though so we will definitely look into signing him up for a lesson. For now, I am saving up for another project that our daughter is interested into, a violin. She likes to have a violin lesson but we told her that we have to save up first and buy her one before we can sign her up to it. I frequently visit website like this one to check if they have deals on violin and guitars.


  1. Your daughter really loves playing musical instruments, first, piano, and now, violin. She's lucky to have supportive parents like you who don't prevent her from developing her musical skills.

  2. Both your children are really very talented! You are so blessed to have such children!

  3. You have equally talented kids sis and you and your hubby must be so proud. I know I will :) Keep it up and keep encouraging and supporting them in their passions because they'll both go places!


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