Monday, August 31, 2015

A Healthy Mom is a Stronger Mom : Family Fitness Race

I love all these written sayings from MOM users of the  Fe Fit Kit, they are very  inspiring.
  • Take some ME-TIME because YOU Deserve IT!
  • Become a Better version of yourself,.  It's all about you.
  • Reengage what is possible for you.
  • Show your children what it means ti be active and FIT.
  • Never underestimate the power of a good workout
  • Being a Mom is challenging but rewarding.  Your workout should be no different
  • When I work out I feel better, I sleep better and I have more energy.  It makes me a better MOM!

So what is Fe Fit? Fe Fit is a Fitness routines compiled in different segments  created by  two  moms to help other moms  rebuild, recharge,  and  reclaim their woman figure after pregnancy.  I received a 90-day Fitness Experience Kit to try.   Fe  Fit is consist of 28 unique work outs incorporating some of the latest fitness  trends.  
U so love the packaging.  You can  almost feel them saying "It's a gift for you!"  I love the  Fe Fuel Protein and Energy Bar that they included in the box along with the discs and guide containing the information of what you need to  know about the company, the  founder, and the work outs.  
What's with  the Name Fe?  Fe is named after the periodic symbol of iron.  Iron is strong,  versatile and essential to a healthy life. It also quite literally, makes up the core of our world.  While it hs the natural strength about it,  it has the potential to transform into so much more.  The Founders,  Melanie and Renee believes that FE perfectly  represents the strewnght in motherhood which I agree. Moms are the core element of the familyn the strengths that holds it together.  With Fe Fitm you can be transformed into a healthier, stronger , and happy Mom.  A Healthy Mom is a Stronger Mom, do you agree?
I love that the kit has stickers, you can   mark the days of your work out.
The workouts  include core, barre, total body toning,   cardio circuit. lower body, stretch flow, and upper body.  It is a complete set of workouts that would really tone you down in 90 days if you stick to the routine.  
I have been doing a 30-minute work out time  since last week.  I can't see any changes in my  body yet but I can feel the difference.  The first day I tried the  first disc, I was like  dying and  catching my breath lol.   Despite being active with our walks, I still need to work on other things to  achieve my fitness goal so I am glad that I have this Fe Fit to try.  
On another note, I would like to share this  first  2 Mole Walk Race we have participated into at our community.  We signed up for it this year  because we wanted to experience how i-t is.  Hubby and I were planning to run the  5k Classic Race but we thought it would be fun if we all do it so we only signed up  for the 2k Walk race so that our kids can do it too.
This was held at Marland Heights  on August 21 and we certainly had a blast even though we did not  know what to expect.
I even saw one of the Moms from school  who  was also a first time runner on the event.  Don't our outfits matches with the color scheme of the Fe Fit?
We also paid for our kids but they were disappointed that they did not get a number.  For this event, we paid $48 for the four of us.  It includes snacks  after the  race.  I am not sure how many years they have been doing this  event but the registration is a bit disorganized.  They seem to know know  what to do.  We  had to ask for our meal tickets because the  table where we registered to did not know about it.  It seems like they were not briefed of what  to do.
Nevertheless, it was a fun event.  We had our  exercise for that  day and  we got to do it as a family.   It was  our very first  in participating to the community event.   We have been  doing   long walks  but not as a race.  We did 15k a couple of times and lots of 5Ks over the course of the summer.
Hubby and I are trying our best to stay fit and  eat healthy  so we can show our kids how important it is to be healthy.
Events like this gave our  kids a chance to  drink soda hahaha.  We don't  buy soda for home consumption so when they get the chance, it's  like a treat although they know what  soda can do to their body.  Anything in moderation is not bad so we let them indulge once in a while.
We will be doing a fitness walk race again  next month.  My husband's work is sponsoring a race so we are planning to participate to that.  
 I will be  updating this post when I reached 90 days to see  if there's a change in my body shape.  I hope that I can stay motivated and keep up with the routine.  If I can aford it, I would love to get their FÉ FIT 90 DAY ULTIMATE KIT because it has everything that you need!  For now, I am happy with what I got.  Thank you Fe Fit for the opportunity. 

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.


  1. I could use something like this to motivate me. I am trying o exercise more and get in shape, but some days are better than others as far as motivation.

  2. These sayings are great indeed, and not just for Moms (I'm not a Mom). I love a good work-out, though I don't do it nearly as often as I should. Glad you've been feeling the difference after such a short time already.

  3. We try to workout as a family. Sometimes we don't all work out together, but we are definitely all active.

  4. This is the kind of thing that would really help me stick to my fitness goals. I'm terrible about getting distracted with other things, and just abandoning my fitness.

  5. I'm glad you guys had a great time even though the run wasn't organized as well as it could have been. It's such a great thing to set a healthy example for your kids!

  6. That kit sounds like a great addition to an active lifestyle. It's so nice that you guys were able to participate in the race as a family.

  7. I need to get back in shape again. Your post motive me to get active and be healthy. I follow healthy diet and take multivitamin.

  8. This sounds like an awesome kit. I walk three to four times a week and when the kids don't have school, they walk as well. It's fun when you do it with family.

  9. What a great kit! I love that you are using it to show fitness to your family. I know kids see what we do and seeing us exercise will make them want to exercise.

  10. Great kit! For sure it can truly help me too. Love this!

  11. Anything that can help with encouraging a healthy, active and fit lifestyle is great and to be able to make it a priority for the whole family is even better! It doesn't matter how quickly it shows a change in your shape, it's already causing a change in your 'lifestyle' and that's what counts, keep it going!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  12. Setting an example for the kids is the way to go! I am glad you and your hubby are raising your kids to choose healthier food and to love exercising.

  13. I love how you have the entire family involved in staying fit, active and healthy. It's so important to teach kids to be healthy. The workout kit sounds like something I need!

  14. I think that's a very affordable price for a run kit for the whole family, and it also includes a snack?! Wow! They're generous! I am loving your healthy family lifestyle! :D

  15. I think it is wonderful you seek fitness as a family. You are teaching your children a great lesson early on. My boys love doing stuff like this, my daughter is the opposite. She doesn't like riding a bike.

  16. That is great that your are taking the time to show your kids how to be healthy. I wish that I could be active again. I enjoyed playing soccer. It was fun and I got a great workout every time. I had to quit when my back started hurting too much. Now I have problems with my back, hips, and knees thanks to fibromyalgia.

  17. This would be a great event to go to with the kids. It is so important to teach kids to be active.

  18. My son would have also been excited about the soda! That alone would have been an incentive to do the race. lol

  19. Looks like y'all had fun at your race!! I love it when entire families workout together!!! Great job!!

  20. This is my motto!! I take the time and effort to work out on a regular helps me physically and emotionally and I think I'm a better person because of it!

  21. The packaging for this kit is really well put together, and looks like they took their time thinking about what would be most appealing. I would like to do a fitness walk or fun run with family members one of these days.

  22. I am so in love with the package presentation! The pink is adorable, what a wonderful thing these moms have started.


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