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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bullying: A Childhood Experience

Bullying is something that I've been through as a kid so I never want my kids to go through the same. When I started going to school, I was very little and I was the easy target of the bully kids. I remember when I was in first and second grade I was made fun of but there was nothing I can do but cry every time the other kids would bully me. I transferred school in my 3rd grade year to another school and the bullying starts again so I finally stood my ground when I couldn't take it anymore.  I've had enough that I lost my patience when I saw a broken glass on the ground and threw it to the boy who is harassing me all the time. The broken glass hit his eyebrow and it bled.  His brother came  and  punched me in my face that  I got a bloody mouth. We were summoned to the Principal's office and was warned that it should never happened again. Do I regret what I did? Maybe, but I was thankful I did it because after that, they stopped harassing me.   I told my kids the story and give them pointers on how to avoid bullying and how to address it just in case it happens.  I hope and pray that it won't happen.
Anyway, these photos were taken during the awarding ceremony of the annual  Anti-Bullying Poster contest that my daughter won recently.  The awarding was held at Holiday Inn here in Weirton.  Buffet dinner was served during the event.
All of us attended.  My husband came home early from work so he could be there as well.
I admire  the  Weirton-Wellsburgh Chapter of Credit Union for hosting  this anti-bullying event annually.  I think that it is  an important issue that needs awareness.  
The dinner served has salad,  cheese bread, chicken, potatoes, and they also served ice cream for dessert.
EJ wanted to try how hot this pepper could be, he bit into it and immediately asked for a drink lol.
It was nice meeting up with the other parents.
I always told my kids to avoid getting  involve with some type of drama.  It is better to concentrate on their studies, focus their attention to  what matters most and avoid conflict.  Glad that they belong to a school where bullying is no-no.  Bullying is such a  hard  reality that exist everywhere.  It ruins lives of people and some even  take their own  if they couldn't  take it anymore.  This is why I am very appreciative of this   companies and organization that   raise awareness for Ant-iBullying campaign.


  1. Bullying is an important matter to discuss with our kids. It's good that you stood up. I would have done the same to the boy if I were in your shoes.

  2. I was bullied when I switched schools between seventh and eighth grades. Luckily though, I was a strong kid and just ignored their taunts and stunts. Some kids are more sensitive though, and bullying can have a very negative effect on them. In my experience, kids who bully come from families where the parents bully as well. In that sort of environment, it's very hard to affect change.

  3. I was bullied though tried not to let it get to me too much. It's one of those things that I hope my daughters will never have to experience.

  4. Bullying is a terrible thing. Especially in these times. It used to be that bullies could be put in their place with a black eye. Now with social media and zero tolerance policies, bullies have an easier time of making life miserable for kids.

  5. I'm sorry that you went through that. However, it is so cool that after all that your daughter did an anti-bullying poster!

  6. I was bullied some in school or people didn't want to hang out with me because I wasn't popular, look a certain way, ect. I'm glad that you are taking the time to talk to your children about bullying. I've had to contact school officials for my daughter. I also told my son to always speak up if he is being bullied.

  7. Bullying is an act of evil, very terrible. It's important to educate kids and to raise awareness everywhere.

  8. Bullying is so terrible! I think most of us have gone through something like this at least once in our lives. It's awful because I have known some that have taken their own lives because of this. Bullying needs to stop! I want to make sure my girls always speak up about this.

  9. I also experienced bullying as a child and its a memory that sticks with me today.

  10. Bullying is so horrible. My 5yr old niece is going through it right now and the fact that theres nothing I can actually do since she is states away is heartbreaking.

  11. It's really good that kids tese days are aware of what bullying is. Congrats for winning the poster-making, Riley.

  12. I think everyone has had experiences of being bullied. I tell my kids to stand up and face their antagonist. Call for help, tell the teachers about it. I do not have tolerance for bullies. I will fight them tooth and nail if they even THINK of bullying my kids.

  13. I was bullied when I was young and I know the damage it can do to a bullied kid. My confidence was severely affected. And up to this day, I still question my abilities because of what the bullied instilled in my young mind.

    Congratulations to your daughter for winning the contest and for taking part to stand up against bullying.

  14. What a wonderful and educational event to attend to Sis Rose. Family learned how to deal with this situation and kids especially will learn the most.


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