Saturday, April 16, 2016

Family Casual Wear

It's been a while since we  took a family photo so when we got ready earlier  to attend my daughter's awarding ceremony, we tried to take some pictures before going.    With the dogs, it is always impossible to get a good one lol.
 It's difficult to get a  normal photo of this little guy so when he  offered to  pose for me, I took it.
 Rylie wore the Spring dress that I got for her last year.  It finally fit and I am glad I did not get rid of it.  
I wore the bargain deals that I got from the  closed out sale at KMart and off-season sale at Macy's last year.  
  • Blue Sweater - $ 9.99 at Macy's.  These were regularly $30 .
  • Grey Top - $2.99.   Got it on a 75% sale at KMart.
  • Lace Skirt - $5.99, originally $20.

I wish we could take a family photo every monlth.  It ould be fun to put it in a collage at the end of the year.  What do you think of that idea?


  1. You all look great. I love the idea of taking a family photo every month. I think I should do this, too.

  2. You have such a lovely family, mommy Rose. Nice photo!

  3. Love the family portrait you guys have. of course the dogs want to join in as well, i love the dress you wear too,

  4. Lovely family in their casual outfits. :) I also see that the fur babies are enjoying looking at all of you. :) The kids are growing up sis. They will soon out-grow you. hahaha

  5. You all look so formal Sis Rose. The kids of yours are good looking and growing up so fast.

  6. Your dogs really felt that they are part of the family. You all look great. I always admire your family sis Rose. Mom and dad are really doing amazing jobs for the kids. Congratulation by the way to the lovely Ryestein.


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