Friday, April 7, 2017

Happy Birthday Father Dear from Way Up There

My father could have been 66 today. He died too young and I always wish that he was still around till this day. It's been 14 years since he passed and I always imagine how he would have enjoyed being around his grandchildren. He never saw my kids because he died so suddenly, few weeks before my wedding. It was a very  hard loss because I never expected him to go so soon. One thing that I miss about my father is his passion for cooking and he also love to sing and dance. His father was a really good musician who played different instruments but my father never really learned to play. However, he had always loved singing.   Anyway, I am browsing  around online and checking all the great deal here!   Sometimes, there are  things that  reminds you of someone and  it makes you think of them.  Music instrument, food, and jokes are always  the  keys for me to remember Papa.  

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  1. We share the same fond memories of our departed father. He's gone for so long but the loss is still fresh... like it's just yesterday. He was a Principal of one High School but have done for us all little things like going over our things and doing the laundry even we're all grown ups...

    It's a big thing for me to see families with both parents still enjoying the company of their children.

    I miss my Papa...i wished i could've been more vocal...and said "love you" more often. Those words seemed so hard to say before...we just took it plain ok that he was there with us..

    He was a great man. He reared eight of us.

    Be happy up there, my Papa. With Mama (say hello for me..?). And with my bro, Darwin.


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