Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Life is Short, have FUN with it

These photos have been sitting in my draft for quite a while now but I haven't have the chance to do it so I'll try it today.  It's good to use though when I am bored and feel like dressing up at home.
This dress is perfect for Summer weather.
Love the back of this dress.
The front is also decent and I love that it is knee length, not too short and not too long either.
Okay, this one is a little ... I dunno.  I like the skirt but the top is too short.
When I was young, my favorite color is earth-toned.  This dress reminds me of my youth.
 Floral dresses are just overall cute.  I love gardening so  I love different kinds of plants and flowers.
Just some of the summer outfits that I bought but decided not to wear it outside since it's bare in the back.
I like this summer dress, it's light and  comfortable.
I like the print of this but it's a little too small and short.
Oh, I forgot I have this, I might take it out the closet and wear it to church  one day.
Shorts and long sleeves, why not?  IT's just inside the house anyway.
I used to have trimmed thighs when I was younger but it gotten so big after pregnancies lol
Not a fan of this dress but hey, just for the sake of it, I tried it.  I don't like puff sleeve so this one went to the donation pile.
I just realized, my hair looks terrible on these photos ha ha.I don't even know what I did with this dress, it is so weirdly designed.
This one I like although the material is a little too thin.
I also love this one but I gave this to my daughter.  She has the black and I have a red one of the same design.
I use this dress to sleep.  It's very thin.
I need to lose my gut if I want to wear this outside but I like the design.
I guess I can wear a blazer to  hide my gut lol
I like this one but there's an elastic thing that they used  on the sleeve and it makes my skin itchy.
I like this red dress, it hugs the curves of my body.  Is it wrong to think I have curves?  Lol, I guess in my mind I do.
This summer dress has a beautiful print, I like wearing it in the summer time.
A friend of mine gave this dress to my daughter but she's not into floral prints so I tried it on and it fit!
I love this navy dress.  I wear it   most of the times in church on winter.
This is more of my Mom's style so I threw in the donation pile.
Another dress that I donated  coz I didn't like the shoulder.
Gray, another color that I love when I was young.
What's even the purpose of this post?  You asked.  Well, I just want to have fun.  Life is short so mind as well, have a little fun.  Do what makes you happy.  

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