Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Skirts are Oh-so-Feminine and versatile

I bought some skirts for my daughter but she didn't like the styles that I picked  so I thought of trying them on and have fun with it.  I grew up like a tomboy so I was always wearing shorts.  I only started wearing skirts when I started working because it was required for uniform.

I like the floral print design of this one but it's too short and I should have gotten the next size so it's not too tight.  It's a fun skirt to wear at home though.
The asymmetrical print of this skirt is what drawn me to it.
I like the red one on top but I also like this  black one.  I don't have many white top but I like this one.
This one looks like an office lady outfit.
These red and yellow skirts are thin so it's perfect to wear during summer time.  They're a little bigger for my size but that's the problem I have in sizes.  Size small is a bit tight but medium size is big so I'm kind of torn between those two sizes.
This one has a suede-kind-of material and I like the style.  The length is pretty decent as well.
I think my favorite is this corduroy navy blue one.  It has two pockets in the front and a zipper at the back.
Lace skirts might not be your thing but I think they're cool.
Simple outfit that can be worn to church.
I like this  ensemble as well.  The scalloped design on the waist of the skirt is kind of unique.  Size medium was a tad bit big on me but when you tuck your top, it works.
Some of these are a little short for my liking but I think skirts are a versatile piece of outfit you can have in your closet.

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