Friday, January 1, 2021

Our Christmas Celebration 2020

 I wish I would have been active in posting our family events as it happens but when your PC crashes, your motivation crashes as well.  I have been trying to post things  now that I have a laptop  but still can't post everything.  I just don't have the fire or drive anymore like I used to which is very sad because I like reading the old posts and it makes me smile.  When my PC crashed, a lot of my pictures were in that PC so I lost all of it.  The only ones I have is the ones I took with my camera.  I also saved some to my phone but now that my phone is full, I can't  download it on here either, ugh.

Anyway, our Christmas was just the same as last years.  We just went to church and with the pandemic going on, we really didn't do anything.  Even gift shopping was done online.
However, no matter the situation is, I love to decorate during Christmas.  It's the only occasion where I decorate.
When it comes to Christmas decoration, I think I am a hoarder lol.
The photo below was taken after we attended mass.

Who would have thought that this was the last Christmas we will be able to celebrate with our dog Bolt.
My husband will be missing him comes Christmas again, Bolt was his buddy.  I am missing him in the morning, he used to greet me beside my bed  when I wake up.  We used to  go on a long walk, he was my walking buddy, my protector. He definitely loved his walk.  I am tearing up just writing this.

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