Thursday, June 10, 2021

48th Birthday at Panhandle Trail

For my 48th birthday, we went to Panhandle Trail and walked three miles.  It was long time ago when we last walked  there, eleven years ago I think.  My children were just 5 and 3 years old when we went there with Jen's family.
Now, 15 and 13, it's been a long time, really so I am so glad that we went.  It was a special birthday treat.  
My husband took a day off which was a real nice gift.  A time spent with your love one is better than any expensive gifts you can ever received.  I love this because we seldom get to go for a long walk as he is always working and the kids are busy with school stuff as well.
The modern Panhandle Trail spans 29 miles from Walkers Mill in Collier Township, traversing through the Northern sector of Washington County, to Colliers, West Virginia. 
This Panhandle Trail is now part of The Industrial Heartland Trails Coalition, as well as the Great American Rail-Trail that spans from Washington State to Washington, DC.
There were few joggers and walkers there.  It's an overall relaxing place to unwind and enjoy the nature while burning some calories.
I would love  it if we went earlier but the kids overslept so the sun was out already when we went.  It was still relaxing because the trail is surrounded by trees and bushes.
We stopped at the stream and listen to the  sound of the water while catching our breaths.
In two years time, I will be in golden age, yay.  If it weren't for my knee injury, I would still be running.  I love to walk but sometimes I love running as well.  
My little guy is always ready to explore.  He went down and check the water.  I was a bit scared that he would fall and end up wet but thank goodness, he did not.
He saw the tree swqing and wants to try it as well.
I thought he would be able to swing but the rope is too far we couldn't reach it even  using a wooden stick.
It would have been nice if he was able to do it.
I am guessing that this part of the trail is a party place for some.  The smell of urine was very strong and there were camp fire traces in there.
We only walked up to 1.5 and we came back as the sun was already up and it was hot.
That's how I spent my birthday, out in the nature with my loves.  
To my children, I am grateful for the time you took to spend time with your mama.
To my husband, thank you very much for taking a day off.  I know that you are very busy with work but I really do appreciate that you spend a day with us.
I definitely want to go back there again.  I hope we can all go again as a family.  A walk with my husband would be great as well.

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