Friday, October 22, 2021

6-mile Walk in Panhandle Trail, WV

 Hubby took a week off so we got a chance to go for a long walk over at the panhandle trail.  We walked the three mile mark and back making it to 6–mile then we jogged half a mile.

It was a great bonding with my husband.  It's been a while since we did it so I was happy we were able to.
By jogging though, my husband hurt his foot and was in pain for days after that, poor guy.
This was our first time reaching this distance so were able to see the part where we haven't seen before.
It was nice knowing some facts about the place.
This part of the trail was gorgeous so I couldn't resist not to ask my husband to take  a picture lol.
It's nice that they even provide plastic poo for the pets.
Some people drive here and ride their bikes and back.
The good time to walk here is early in the morning when the sun is not up yet so that you can go back without the sun zapping out your energy.
I would love to do it again sometime if we can.

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