Friday, October 22, 2021

Homecoming, Sickness, and Getting Better

 This year is such a roller coaster, Covid is still wrecking havoc so everything is still in chaos.  I was still very weak overcoming the covid but managed to take a couple of pics with our kids and hubby before they went to their dates and dance.  

I can't believe that both of these kiddos look so grown up!  

My husband  is getting over covid as well but he only got it for a week and he got better unlike mine that lasted for almost a month.

I didn't even go outside our house just to be safe.  My daughter met her date outside our house and they took pictures outdoors.  I missed out on this one but it's okay, maybe next year would be better.
I am so grateful for having a husband who stood by me when I was at my deathbed.  I was literally bedridden for a couple of weeks.  I couldn't do anything and even find it hard to even breath.

I am taking it slow, slowly but surely day by day to get better.  This year is definitely worse for us health-wise but I'm still grateful that our children aren't sick.  They got cold but they got over it quickly.

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