Friday, August 16, 2013

Carpet Cleaning

We have a very busy day today.  My husband took a day off from work so we could do all the stuff that we need to do.  We  left home early and went to school to register the kids, paid the tuition, get their books and we head out next to the car  garage to have our car inspected.  By the time we came home, I was very exhausted that I decided to stay home and  vacuum our carpet while my husband and kids went swimming in the pool.  I wish that I could hire the Same Day Carpet Cleaners Brooklyn to do the job for me but I can't.  As a stay at home mom, one of my main   thing to do at home is clean to make sure that my kids are  not inhaling  dust and other things at home.  

carpet cleaners brooklynMy husband steam cleaned our carpet last month and  I vacuum it  every so often every week.  We have two dogs and one sheds like crazy so it is a must that I clean our  carpet  regularly.  For those who are looking for a professional cleaner though, you can check out the Same Day Carpet Cleaning services.  You can view a free cleaning demonstration at their website on how to properly   treat stains and other things that you need to know when cleaning your  rugs and carpet.  You can also enjoy the 15% off coupon by visiting their website.


  1. I really could use a professional carpet cleaning service--and Brooklyn is only about 2 hours from me with traffic--wonder if they come to Westchester? Will have to check them out!

  2. That would be a perfect cleaning service I can tell my friends in brooklyn.

  3. Wished they served other areas too. Because our carpet could use some loving from the professional.

  4. great post about the carpet cleaning in brooklyn.

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