Monday, August 5, 2013

Rent, Buy, and Sell Textbooks

There is one blog that I visit sometimes  which always promotes  books from   The blogger  is  from one of the  groups where I am an active member as well.  That's why when I see the  Becks Books, it immediately reminds me of that specific blog.   Anyway, at Becks Books, you can rent, buy, or sell textbooks.  This is what my husband used to do to save money in buying his books when he went back to school.  


  1. i probably should sell some of my textbooks, there's so much at home :( thanks for sharing this site Rose

  2. I usually sell my daughter's old books from school because we have friends here who are 1 year grade lower than my princess. Then I use the proceeds to buy her new books and other school stuff.

    I also sell my own books in flea markets and use the money to pay off some bills. :)

  3. I just gave all my accounting books for free to my neighbor who also taking up Accountancy.


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