Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Soda Drinks vs. Natural Drinks

Soda drinks are very enticing to our taste. They offer a different kind of satisfaction when taken cold. It can be addictive too, especially the colas though its sugar energized us.  It will take enough courage for one person to say no to soda drinks especially if he used to drink it every day. The difficulty of keeping it away from the children and young ones is imminent. Once a child tasted it; he would always want it. That is why parents are having problem in getting rid of it from their children’s diet.

Parents understand the high susceptibility percentage of their children when it comes to diseases. We understand that while kids are still young, their immune system is not yet fully developed to fight against serious diseases. Therefore, almost all parents are doing their best to encourage their children eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. With rising number of patients suffering from diabetes, cancer and heart diseases, some dining tables does not contain soda drinks anymore but water and smoothies alone.

Parents understand that nothing can beat the benefits you get if you  drink water and smoothies instead of having a can of soda drink or other juice alternatives. If you are a parent, who is heading in this direction, you may find it hard to start.  But you need to encourage your children to drink water and smoothies in every opportunity you get. You can browse online some available excellent recipes for you to prepare.

Health experts discovered some wonderful ideas where a parent can teach their children eat vegetables is by using creative blends that are surely delightful to their children’s taste.  Many of the smoothies recipes include vegetables that are not so attractive to the children when eaten directly but can certainly become so irresistible when serve as smoothies.

By buying this idea, parents can ensure that they are able to somehow integrate healthy diet for their children using healthy drinks. The next problem they have to face is how to turn the whole eating diet in a healthy and well-balanced one. This time it is not only limited to drinks served in the table but also to some other solid foods for the meal.

Well, this can be difficult to work out but certainly a worthwhile advocacy to push through especially if your children’s health is at stake.


  1. Nothing beats drinking water and fruit juices talaga! I don't drink coffee and softdrinks anymore!...

  2. i love smoothie and whole juices, and yes, some vegetables really can be covered up in fruit juices when blended together, especially carrots, lettuce and spinach.

  3. I love to drink water except from the fact that it is doctor's order to increase my water intake up to 2 liters a day. I also love smoothies especially the strawberries and yogurt mix.

  4. Water and fresh smoothies talaga are the best drinks specially for kids.

  5. Water and fresh fruit or veggie juices is the healthier and natural option for good health. My daughter and I drink veggie juices every weekend to cleanse.


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