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Master Monte Carlo

Gambling holidays draw travelers to hotspots across the globe, including gambling outposts in the United States and elsewhere.  Las Vegas, Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey are two of the most storied gambling locales, furnishing gambling venues for countless visitors annually. 

In addition to these high-profile destinations, USA hosts dozens of inland facilities providing legalized wagering options across the country and companies like allpro provide the service online.  Gambling is an international pastime though, so facilities are not limited to the United States.  In fact, China and others host world-class gambling resorts too.  Macau, a small island near Hong Kong boasts one of the most robust gambling cultures outside of Nevada, USA, furnishing hundreds of thousands of feet of casino gambling tables and machines.

Monte Carlo has long been a gambling destination, supported by the region's world-famous Monte Carlo Casino.  The entertainment complex provides fine-dining restaurants, theater events, as well as a series of gambling options to suit all tastes. 

Casino Gambling in Monte Carlo

Whether you are a seasoned gambler or a first-time Monte Carlo visitor, these spirited games provide hours of entertainment on holiday:

Baccarat - This card game is popular across the world, but finds favor at casinos outside the United States.  The game has three distinct sub-varieties, each characterized by specific rules governing game play.  Punto banco is considered a North American style of the game, which unfolds with very little skill utilized by players.  The other two versions, chemin de fer and banque are considered games of skill, rather than chance, requiring skilled input from each player as well as the bank.  During game play, the word baccarat itself, designates cards or hands with values of zero.  Despite its straightforward play, the game is associated with high-rollers and is often played in a special room separate from the main casino floor.

Trente et Quarante - This exclusive card game is played with the help of a special wagering table.  While it is popular at European venues, the game is seldom seen at United States casinos.  It is, however, a staple for visitors to the Monte Carlo casinos, where it is embraced in its traditional form.  The game carries simple rules, and provides decent odds for players, who are not automatically crushed by extreme odds favoring the house.

Roulette - Another popular Monte Carlo game, Roulette captures the essence of high-rolling, with its iconic wheel emblematic of games of chance.  The wheel is divided into 38 equal compartments, each designated 1-36 and 0,00.  The numbered sections are split evenly between black and red, providing the basis for one of the games easiest bets.  The numbers are also grouped in halves or thirds for betting purposes, as well as evens or odds.  To initiate a round of play, the wheel is spun, with a ball-bearing released in the opposite direction as the rotation.  As gravity plays on the wheel and ball, it is found to settle in one of the numbered compartments. Bets are paid according to odds associated with each type of wager placed, with sizable payouts going to those players lucky enough to pick the winning number.

Craps - This popular dice game allows players to wager on single rolls of the dice, or combinations resulting from multiple rolls.  The thrower wagers on his own tosses, but others are also allowed to bet with or against the thrower, adding another dimension to the game.  While the action is fast-paced and seems complex, craps wagers are relatively straightforward once the fundamentals of the game are understood.

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