Monday, September 8, 2014

Fitness Recap

This would be a  long post as I wasn't able to post my weekly  post for my fitness routine. Life go in the way and  blogging was put aside.  Anyway, here are some of the ones that I was able to document.

July 21 - Power walk with hubby, 5 minutes plank, and 20 squats.

July 22 - Did laundry, mowed grass, 5 minutes plank, and  20 squats.  That's pretty much about it.

July 23 - help other Moms in school in sorting out donated uniforms.  Also did some hula hoops and stretching at our backyard.

July 24 - 27 -  Did some  stretching and yoga and  family walk.  Glad it's over for this month.  It's hard to do anything when I have it since I always have cramps and migraine.

July 28
- /enjoyed a glass of  cucumber  and mint shake after burning 429 calories on a treadmill.

July 29
- Walked on a treadmill for 30 minutes, not much but it's good enough.

July 30 - Walked on a treadmill again for 30 minutes and rode the stationary bike for 5 minutes.  Another refreshing  cucumber and mint shake afterwards.

The whole month of August was the busiest for me.  Lots of things to attend to and prioritize so blogging was  pretty much neglected.

August 1
- Got my cardio done down the basement while doing laundry.

August 2
- EJ and I  took Bolt for a walk where we let him go down the field and chased him for about 10 minutes, it was fun!

August 5 - Hubby was at work so me and the kids went for a bike ride at our neighborhood.

August 6
- ran in our treadmill again and did some planks afterwards.  

August 7 - Our neighbor invited the kids for a movie night so hubby and I went for a walk  down to Starvaggi Park.  Thanks to the Howells for giving us some alone time.    

August 10 
- wasn't my best day.  I tried to run but my  right leg was very painful.  This  exercise only lasted for 25 minutes.

August 12  - When my kids are not home, I  usually ran in the treadmill while the laundry is going to make use of my time.

August 13
- Sometimes, I am in the mood to  hit the treadmill every single day but there are times that I talked myself out of it, especially when I am feeling crappy because of  my PMS.

August  14
- Me and the kids went for a bike ride.

August 15
- My daughter was invited for a play-date by her friend I entertained my son in going to the woods.  Then later on, we went for a bike ride.

August 17
- Did some indoor  exercise routine.  I have no  energy to  go for a walk outside for some reason.

August 21 - Hubby was off from work so we decided to go on a long walk down the cemetery to visit loved ones.

August 22
- Went for a jog after dropping off my kids to school.  Then in the afternoon, we went for a family walk.
August 26 - 28 - Now that my husband goes to work at 5:30, I walked my kids  everyday except Mondays when hubby is off from work.  I liked it a lot because it gives me no excuse  to go on my 30 minute walk in the morning after dropping them off.

We do a lot of family walk and bike rides while the weather is warm.  

This month, I have the same routine, a 30-minute walk after my kids have gone to school.  I will be  making a separate post for it at the end of the month.  Hopefully.


  1. Your hubby is so sweet - I wish I could have that experience with my future hubby, too, hihi - exercising together <3

  2. I wish I could've gotten out with my family more for walks, but the hubs is always so busy that it's just usually the kids & I.

  3. I really need to get out there and start working out more! :)

  4. Sounds like an interesting month indeed. I need to get back into exercising. I don't do it often enough.

  5. Ok... I got tired just reading that! I am 29 weeks preggers though, hehe. Way to go mama!

  6. I really want to work out more but no space in the house lol

  7. You go, go, go! Better than me. The most exercise that I get is chasing my kids around the house!

  8. Sis, you're looking very slim and trim! I have started (with care and caution) the weight loss program and I hope to meet my target weight before Christmas. :)


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