Thursday, June 2, 2016

June Came Marching In

I can't believe June is here!  Time really does fly by  especially when you have so much going on.  We have been so busy the past month that we hardly had time to rest and take a break.  We are working  hard at the new house  and get it ready for a move-in condition.  The last four  weeks was spent  finishing the hard wood floors and while my husband is doing the last stage of the process, which was putting polyurethane on it, I  had to stay outside so I did  a lot of gardening.  I didn't know that he took these photos but glad he did coz I can use it lol.
I love gardening especially when you see some flowers from what you have planted.  This year, I won't have a vegetable garden but I plan to do that next year when we are all settled in i at the new home.  

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All my fitness routines was put on hold, all my workouts was done at the house helping my husband  in refinishing the hard wood floors.  Well, except for the long walk  that my kids and I did and the  run I did the other day.
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Today, I took a break from gardening and  pampered my  nails a little bit because they were looking so rough.  My hands are  so thick with calluses already lol.  I soaked my feet  in the tub after I  mowed the grass and scrubbed them after wards.  
So glad to have this foot and shoe deodorizer from Aurorae.  It is a all-natural foot and shoe deodorizer  designed to freshen  your feet and foot gear.  I love that they made this out of 100% natural ingredients and  essential oils.  
This product is intended  for bare feet and the inside of all shoes such as sneakers, ballet flats, leather shoes and even kids shoes.  It is Non-toxic witout chemicals in it,  and it is safe to your skin.  My dog is even  interested  with the smell of it.  
I recommend this for those who wear shoes a lot.  It's good stuff!  My son is  glad because his feet sweats a lot and now that he is playing tennis, he can really freshen up his feet and shoes with this.

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.


  1. Nice one for your family in transferring and really a tiring one at that. I believed you can do it with vigor and motivate to grow accordingly.

  2. Your kids are all growing up! It's nice to see you ver clean lawn and backyard too sis. I wish I have a garden to tend even if I'm not a green thumb!

  3. I really envy people who have more time to do their jobs as a parent and do their passion at the same time. Though I can manage being a mom to my son, I still find it difficult to juggle it with business and studies. But nonetheless, I know it just a matter of time management. also, I glad your kids also go with you for such me time of yours.

  4. Oh how I envy the wide space you have for gardening or whatnot! I
    Live in a building so the only garden i have are the pots on my window sill!

  5. You husband is really so sweet for taking those photos of you, mommy Rose!. Happy June to you.

  6. The garden looks great and I hope everything is going well with fixing up the house. That's still good exercise if you ask me.

  7. I wish I had a spacious garden like yours. It is very relaxing to sit by the patio and just marvel at the beautiful flowers.

  8. I like to try this foot deodorizer,especially when we go hiking our shoes can be sweaty at times.

  9. summer is always the best time to clean and be sweaty...


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