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List of Healthiest Foods For Your Kids

Yes, it is the biggest worry of every mother, day and night. Children today are very demanding when it comes to eating. They are very choosy about the choice of foods, their taste, texture and the visual appeal of it. Mothers’ (or those who cook) today have the need to cook for the eyes, tongue and the health of the child. Yes, this weird reality is what happens in many homes today. Deciding on the menu that equally gratifies the taste and health needs of children is more like climbing a mountain with high heels! Considering the busy schedules of mothers’, this post gives them a helping hand on some healthyfood choices for kids.
Health vs Taste   
This has always been a tough race to win, but with the modern digital world, people across the globe virtually meet each other to share healthy food menu which can be made in delectable ways. It’s good that there are plenty of online resources such as Finddigitalmagazines.Co.Uk available today that offer digital magazines for your iPad and you can easily have access to healthy food recipes for kids.   
Healthy Food Choices
Choose foods that are fresh and organic for giving a healthy lifestyle to your children. Giving fresh fruits and vegetables to children as an everyday snack will boost the health of the toddlers and growing children. A minimum of two servings of colourful, bright looking fruits and three servings of vegetables has to be a regular routine.
Spinach: Some kids might not be a big fan of spinach and greens, but all kids love cartoons. Showing cartoons like Popeye to make children learn about the health of spinach and other green leaves will kindle their interest.
Homemade Cheese Spinach Puff.  Click the link for recipe.
Peanut Butter: The goodness of peanut can be fully absorbed by the body through this form of peanut butter. Spreading a lavish scoop of it on top of pieces of bread or tortillas or even having a spoonful just like that will help meet the nutritional requirement of the child on the daily basis.

Lentils and Beans: Protein-rich foods are very healthy for growing children. Giving lentils and different varieties of beans as part of a regular diet will improve their overall health and stamina.
Beans that we grew organically.  See my kids harvest it here 
Yogurt or Curd: Be it the sweetened yogurt version or the plain curd version as per your child’s taste, somehow include at least one cup every day for having all the essential pro-biotics.
Eggs: Minimum of two eggs per day, preferably in the mornings, either poached or full boiled as per the taste of the children must be a compulsory of a daily meal.
Eggcellent breakfast for my kids
Nuts and Seeds: Children’s snack time must have a strict healthy choice, such as nuts, seeds and other cereal choices, whatever they make less fuss to eat.

Fruits and Veggies: Fresh fruits and vegetables always have their health goodness, especially when they are organically grown.
Some children might be fussy eaters while some others really love eating. Every child’s eating habit varies. Mothers must bring in a healthy eating practice right from the early age, and healthy foods should be a meal for the family, instead of just forcing them on children.



  2. Getting kids to eat healthy foods can be a challenge, but when you start them off young and offer them a variety like you have mentioned, it seems to be easier. My grandkids love frozen grapes so I always make sure I have some in the freezer when they come over.

  3. If adults eat healthy and that is what you fix and serve the kids will eat healthy. Keep fruits and vegetables cut and handy for them to grab.

  4. We worked hard to eat healthy when the kids were little. It's not easy sometimes. This is a great list of healthy foods.

  5. This is perfect for summer break. I'm always looking for new recipes to try for the kiddos.

  6. My kids won't eat spinach. Then I put it in mini egg cups and they loved it. Some great recipes I'll be trying this summer.

  7. I'm always looking for healthy recipes that actually taste good. Sometimes I think people forget about taste when it comes to healthy. You have some great recipes here and I can't wait to try a few.

  8. This looks yummy for us too. I think my son would eat it. I'm going to show him the pictures.

  9. All of those look amazing! It's great that at an early age they are introduced to healthy eating.

  10. Yum, all of these look delicious. My daughter would eat most of these. She actually prefers to eat healthy. My son? Well, he needs to be coerced more.

  11. When I think about healthy recipes to make, mine can sometimes end up very bland. I mean like celery alone is so tough to snack on!

  12. I always make sure to prepare my kids meals with a well-rounded list of nutrients. The list you have here is perfect.

  13. Now these sound like some great ideas, I think healthy can be really tasty when you know how to make it,

  14. My granddaughter loves beans and lentils. I am always surprised how healthy she eats for a two year old.

  15. I have always been impressed with my nephews children. They prefer fruit and veggies over chips any day.

  16. True! Getting my kids eat healthy food like veggies and fish while they were growing up was really tough. With my granddaughters, it's a walk in the park. They love fruits and vegetables, and even yogurt.

  17. So amazing to have your kids enjoy those healthy foods, i tried with my boys, the only one that pays more attention on eating healthy vegetables is my youngest.. i just hope they'll at least try to try before they say no.

  18. I like how healthy and fit your family is Sis. The kids are also amazing and they are in the bandwagon to making their life healthier with the right food choices. Kudos!

  19. My son is a picky eater, and he isn't really fond of fruits and veggies, too. It's a good thing that he enjoys cereals for breakfast and he drinks milk before bedtime. I'm also encouraging him to try small bites of fruits and veggies so that he'll get accustomed to their taste.

  20. Sis, your photos are making me hungry :) Yes, we should really strive to prepare healthy food for the whole family. And building a healthy eating lifestyle at a young age will help kids embrace it all the way to adulthood.


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