Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Quick Pointers to Make Sumptuous BBQ Pork Ribs

Family barbecues can be tricky business. There’s lots of planning that needs to go into organizing the event, inviting friends and family over and getting all the small details right. All that, in preparation for a munch-session.
After such preparations, it’s always advisable for one to be sure that what they cook up will be sumptuous enough to reward all the hard work put in. We’ll be listing out a couple of quick pointers for one to easily make their own BBQ pork ribs right at the comfort of their own backyard, without having to worry about making a trip all the way down to Texas to get some.

Go Electric

Smoking ribs is an ancient practice. Through the years, electric smokers have become the preferred choice of many cooks because they tend to produce neat results. The electric smokers on Rangemaster Electric Smoker come highly recommended because they always get the job done.

Something Meaty
Sounds obvious right? Well, not really. One should always ensure that they pick out pork ribs that show adequate meat distribution over the slabs of ribs. It’s never a good idea to pick a rack of ribs that has a lot of fat or meat on one end while the other portions are bare bones. A good estimate is that most adults are likely to be satiated with a half of a slab of ribs. On the other hand, children are typically contented with about a third of a slab. To ensure that everyone leaves happy, getting the math right is of the essence.

Remove the Silvery Skin & Marinate
The silvery colored skin usually found on the underside of the ribs is undesirable, therefore, it should be tossed. When marinating, it’s best to use a refrigerator, never at room temperature. Plastic pans with lids are the ideal choice for storing ribs.

Pre-Cook the Ribs
It’s good culinary practice to precook the ribs in a pot of boiling water. To add some flavor to the meat, one can incorporate a cup or two of apple cider vinegar during the boiling process. Once the meat starts to get tender, the ribs are ready to go on the grill. Precooking helps make tenderize the meat and add some layer of sumptuousness.

Ideally, the smoker needs to be preheated and the temperature should be at least below 250 degrees. To avert possible fire disasters, it’s good practice to stay close to the grill at all times. In situations where the meat catches fire, spraying the hot spot with a spray bottle of water is the best way to handle the situation.

Maintaining the temperature below 250 degrees ensures that the meat is ready in 2-3 hours. If a BBQ sauce is available, it should only be basted on the meat in the last 45 minutes of cooking. This is because application of the BBQ sauce at an early stage may make the ribs burn because of the sugars contained in the BBQ sauce.

Rest & Serve!
Once the ribs are ready, let the cooked ribs cool out forabout 15 minutes before serving. This is an important step because it allows the juice contained in the meat to evenly spread out for an even more sumptuous taste.

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