Thursday, June 7, 2018

The 4 Unproductive Morning Habits that every 21st Century Girl Should Quit Today

Perhaps it’s coincidence, but it seems that every time one happens to have a goodnight sleep, and wake up fully rested, they always seem to have one of the most productive days of their lives? Alternatively, when one has a horrible morning, the same energy spews out to the rest of the day, and they end up having quite an unproductive, forgetful day!

Which goes to show that the way a person begins their day really plays a vital role in how the rest of their working hours will be.

Keeping this in mind, here are some routines that one might be doing which are proving to be a recipe for disaster for the rest of their working day.

 Having a breakfast packed with sugar
Perhaps the sugar cubes in that morning cup of coffee or tea are just a little over the top? Or maybe it goes hand in hand with assortments such as waffles, cakes, or even muffins.
Then this is quite the wrong way to start up any day. That’s because food stuffs such as carbohydrates, or those laden with sugar usually give one a massive sugar high (insulin spike), which then comes crashing down; leaving one irritable and quite hungry for another bite even before lunch time!

Instead, kick-start the day with the likes of fruits (for the sweet-tooth), or satiating veggies that will keep those unnecessary food cravings at bay, leaving one feeling excited and in good spirits during the working hours.

Eating when one is not hungry
Yep, this is still taking a shot at breakfast.  Sometimes one might wake up not feeling hungry at all, but because they’ve been brain-washed to believe that breakfast is extremely necessary, they go ahead and chow down something before heading to work. However, as earlier discussed, this could be more harmful than one might expect.

If breakfast is not one’s cup of tea, then other effective methods such as intermittent fasting can come into play.

In fact, intermittent fasting is essential for optimal health because it not only helps in stabilizing blood sugar, but also reduces inflammation, and helps one maintain a healthy heart.

That being said, Chicks News further provides more essential content on improving the lifestyle of the modern day lady.

Failing to workout every morning
If one hopes to plan their day on their high, then a great way to boost their energy levels, sans taking caffeine, is to set that alarm clock early, and incorporate morning exercise before heading to work.
It’s even better to workout during the morning hours because it’s been proven to lead to higher quality sleep, as well as boost one’s energy levels exponentially.

Taking lattes in the morning with additives
Sorry to say people, but it’s about time to quit adding those syrups and sugar to that latte. In fact, this could be the reason why one is experiencing weight gain without having a solid explanation.

Yes, despite exercising and eating healthy, lattes containing sugar and syrup come quite high in terms of their caloric intake, causing one to pack up those pounds, and feel more depressed about their weight and their physique!

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