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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


When I first met my husband, he was so muscular.  He used to work out  and lift weights almost everyday so he was humongous   When we got married and  got kids, he slowed down because  he wants to spend time with us  instead of  working out.  When he retired from the  service three years ago, we  bought some  exercise equipment and  have our own mini gym at the basement.  Both of us agreed that we should keep our exercise routine  so we could maintain being fit.  We are not  getting any younger so we have to make sure that we  exercise  as much as we can and  eat a balanced diet.  

On the other note, SWAT Fuel is an online store that sells  supplements for military members.  They provide special weapons and tactics for the body's endurance and stamina.  When you are in the military,  strong and healthy body is very important especially  if you are out in the field.  That was one of the reasons why my husband was built then.  He just slowed  down  with his  exercise routine when  our kids was born.  He doesn't work out as much now but he  is trying  his best to stay fit.


  1. It is really hard to balance family and exercising the way you used to before the kids came along. Try and find family activities that get your heart rate up so you can get stronger together!

  2. Cool! This is what my husband needs. He was in military back then. He was in very good shape. Now, he wants to bring those big muscles back!

  3. That's cool that there is such store as SWAT Fuel where retired military members can benefit from buying their health supplements. Exercise is always good for you...

  4. Great reference for military men and women.

  5. exercise and diet are always a good combination for a healthy lifestyle. however im so lazy to do it though, lol!

  6. from the name of the supplements itself says its for military reference....another way of learning new things thanks for sharing


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