Friday, August 17, 2012

Bathroom Accessories

When we  bought our home  6 years ago, the basement did not have a  bathroom so  hubby and I  decided to renovate it and he added  a full bathroom downstairs.  We love it that we have one down there because  whenever we got done working out at our  mini fitness gym, we  can just  take a shower down there.  We bought some bathroom accessories to complete the look of the new bathroom.

My husband is so happy that he got this new job because  we might be able to do our pending project  which is the remodeling of our main bath as it is too outdated already.  We both agreed that  we would make it  look modern  with neutral colors and no more PINK!  He hates that about our bathroom, the former owner  used  pink tiles with floral design.   We were not able to do that project  this year we  did not have savings for it but hopefully next year, we would be able to.

I would love to have a tidy look for bathroom accessories  just like the one that I saw online at Water Works website.  Below is the photo I borrowed from the site.  I told my husband that to make our bathroom look a little wider, we need to put  white tiles  and just splash it with accessories that would make it pop.

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