Monday, August 13, 2012

Coin Collectors

My son found this gold plated one dollar at my brother-in-law's  driveway  when we visited the last time and she asked me to  keep it for him.  He was delighted and very curious why it looks different.  We actually  have  two or more of this  kind of dollar coin as my husband collects  old and new coins.
Today, he asked me  where his coin is so I have to  take it out from my husband's collection.  I ended up showing all of it to him because he saw me digging with it.
Hubby has been collection old coins including,  old dollar coin, pennies,  dimes, nickles, and he even have  half dollar coins.  I think, some  of it were given to him by my father-in-law. 
We researched the value of some of the coins online to see if they are worth any.  Some  have high prices depending on the year it was minted   Hubby said that he is going to pass his collection to our son so it would be kind of a family  heirloom of sort.  Collecting some stuff is definitely  a trait that my children got from my husband.  

I was looking at the prices of the American Silver Eagles at Great Southern Coins and they are  affordable actually.  I am so practical when it comes to giving gifts especially to my husband who is very choosy but  sometimes, things like these collectible coins are  worth giving because it could be passed on from one generation to the next, just like what my FIL did to  my husband.  

But anyhow, if you want to invest in gold coins or want to buy  collectible silver  dollar coins, you can check out the site that I have mentioned above.  They have different selection that you can choose from at a price that is just and fair.  They also offer discounts to some  selected coins and other collectibles.  When you collect tings like these coins, you have to make sure that you are buying it from a trusted merchant to ensure that you are getting your money's worth.  


  1. nice hobby to invest into. Gold coins, I wonder if our country does have minted gold coins.

  2. I have 6 of those gold-plated dollar coins, too, and I am not spending it. :D I like to collect coins and bills, too. But bills for the most part kasi mabigat pag coins. :D

  3. i am not into collecting coins but we wend up collecting so many pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters since we don't use them. last time my niece was very happy looking at the bulk of coins we have since she said she found a very very old one that she was looking for. :) my niece is into collecting coins and i see how excited she gets whenever she gets a coin that she thinks worth keeping into her collection. it really is a beautiful gift for the coin collectors.

  4. My husband is into coin collecting. His fun is not derived only from the value but also for the fun of collecting.

  5. Oh. I used to collect coins when my Grandpa was still alive but I stopped it when he passed away.

  6. nice! good eyes EJ...:) we collect coins too...:) naka frame nga lang yung iba...dpa complete yung whole state namin sis...kulang kami nang 2...meron kang spare? lol

  7. That a great hobby - coin collecting! There are so much story behind those old coins and it's one way of learning history as well. You can buy your kiddo an album for coins so he can safeguard them and show them around without losing one.

    Good luck coin hunting!


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