Friday, August 24, 2012

Juicing Tomatoes.. A Fun Family Activity

We have an abundant supply of cherry tomatoes from our garden. All of the cherry tomatoes are just volunteers from last year.  We couldn't eat them all  so we decided to  juice them on  our 9th wedding anniversary to make it more especial for us and the kids.
This type of activity is  what our Burritos  enjoys so much.  We all had fun doing it as a family.
The good thing about cherry tomatoes is it's juiciness.  It would be hard to ca can and peel them   individually because of their size but juicing them is  easier.  I love the pinkish-foamy bubbles of the juice.
One thing that I like about juicing tomatoes is the separation of the skin and  seeds from the juice.  You don't have to  deal with the seeds when you cook with it.
The ever supportive and fun loving Dad of the family.
We made 7 1/2 quarts of tomato juice.  We won't be drinking the juice  so I seasoned it with dried oregano,  basil,  salt, pepper, and a sugar.  
You might think that  this type of activity is boring but for us, it's fun and fulfilling.  Try  doing it with your kids and you might be surprised of how much  fun they get  in doing doing it.


  1. I dearly love fresh tomatoes. Wish I had a big slice of one of yours.

  2. I love tomato juice. I drink that. :) I wish we have a small garden so I can plant veggies.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! I've been tossing all ours in a freezer bag and plan on making pasta sauce at the end of the summer!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  4. That does look like it was a fun family activity. The burritos like tomatoes, I imagine!

    Have a great week seeking shadows..

  5. It looks like a ton of fun. I love the photos.

  6. That's a lot of cherry tomatoes. I never thought of juicing them. Great idea.

    And, it's those kinds of things that kids end up remembering and enjoying so much . . . looks like y'all had fun!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Thanks for having stopped by!

  7. We also have this tomato mash machine and my grands also love to do just what yours are doing. I usually do this for spaghetty sauce, like you. Thanks for your sweet visit, I love to see your family fun activity and how you both parents share so much with them! Happy Sunday.

  8. OH MY GOODNESS I am SO Jealous of your bounty! I "USED" to do this when my boys were growing up... Ahhh, you've made me miss it and brought back all those memories..."I WISH I had one of your jars for tomorrows supper"!!! "YUMMMMY"!!!
    Thank you for sharing!
    I was "Tickled Pink" you came by my cottage for a visit. I ALWAYS LOVE that!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  9. This looks like fun and what a wonderful thing for the whole family to do. Happy Anniversary!...Christine

  10. What a great idea! I never thought about juicing tomatoes either and I bet it was so tasty! Happy Anniversary!

  11. Looks like a lot of fun...Have a great week.

  12. wow....what a beautiful abundance of tomatoes! :) HPS

  13. My goodness, busy busy busy! This all looks great, and how nice to have a storecupboard-full. Happy PS and thanks so much for visiting!

  14. This is a fun and useful activity for your family!

    Oh-and Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!!

  15. Lovely activity. I used to make tomato soup from scratch like this. I wish you a good sunday!

  16. Happy Pink Saturday a bit late, lol..I think that looks like a great family activity and just look at all the canned tomatoes you have, great for spaghetti sauce, etc...I am sis in Illinois has a bumper crop of tomatoes and they are canning..I want some of those canned tomatoes so badly! I might try growing my own next year..
    Thanks for sharing and visiting me!

  17. This is a wonderful activity! I used to do it with my children every summer and they also enjoyed helping out and have good memories of it. I loved making sauce with the canned juice. Happy 9th anniversary! Happy PS!

  18. Great idea for some family productive fun!

  19. Yummy cherry tomatoes..And dami naman niyan..pahenge naman Rose.hehehe..

  20. Yummy! That is so much fun to do it as a family.

  21. I love tomatoes and tomato sauce. I also like your first photo of the ripening tomatoes in the basket. It goes really well with the texture of the table. Thanks for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  22. that's good that your family like tomatoes sis. i wish i could plant tomatoes and make spaghetti sauce but there's just too much stuff to do. good job!

  23. That's wonderful! You have lots of bottled tomato sauce. Happy RT2.

    Mine's here.

  24. Brings back memories of when I use to do all this work.


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