Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Our 9-MIle Journey to Fitness Last Part - Going Back

Going back is the hard part  especially if you have rested your body already. The kids were a little exhausted although they were  very  glad that they get to rest their feet and legs for another half our 9-mile walking journey.  
 Going down Marland Heights was the easy part for the kids.  They were not complaining but I can tell that they were getting wore out.
 The sun was starting to unleash it's heat so it was hard on the kids but they were   real troopers.  They just continue without whining.
 Even the boys have slowed down so I took the chance of  taking photos of them as e move on.
 Weirton is a small city  that boarders three states, PA, WV, and OH.  The steel mill used to be the booming industry here but  according to what I've read, the Union ruined it.  Small part of the mill is still operating but the huge part is no longer inoperation which is sad.  You can see the steel coil onthe background.  
 You can tell my daughter was already wore out by the time and we still have like 2.5 miles to wlak  hat's why  we di  a short stop and let her rest.
 Our son on the other hand wasfull of energy.  He didn't slow down a bit.
 I keep motivating my daughter that  we are almost home but she knows that we arejust halway home.
 Thi is a natural spring water.  Ihave drink   a couple of times here already and  I didn't get sick.  We didn't let thekids drink here because I am not sure if their immune system can tolerate it.  Even my husband is afraid to take a drink.  Hesaid that his Dad used to get gallons of water from this  place when his grandma is visiting them because  she didn't like city water.  
 Reaching the top of the hill was a big relief for my little lady, she was otired already.
 Wehad to stop again and let her rest for a while before takin the last one mile of our walk.
 This is the house that we love along the way.  The front yard is huge.
 This is part of St. Paul Cemetery.  We bought three plots on this which will be another post next time, lol.
 We finally reached the Pennsylvania Avenue.  The sun was sointense by this time as it was non time already.
 I think the last one mile was the hardest for the kids to finish because it was too hot.
We are so thrilled that our children did it without compaining, not even a slight whine came out from them.  We are so proud of them.  Not many kids do this kind of activity especially  at their age. I am so glad we are raising  some real tropper individuals.  It's been 4 days since our long walk.  We have been going for  walks around the neighborhood but no long walk so far.  We might do it again before the summer is over.  


  1. There's nothing more motivating than going walking with the family. Keep it up!

  2. Wow! that is a very long mile to walk going back home Sis R. I bet every steps are worth.

  3. Wow that is a long walk sis I think the longest mile we've been to was 8 miles however it was more challenge coz we hike a mountain that has ups and down rock and tree roots. It was indeed a hardwork.

  4. You guys did accomplished a great walking for 9-miles..I wonder if I can make that far.

  5. What a wonderful way to exercise with the whole family. At least the kids didn't complain at all even if they are already worn out.

  6. Yes, spending quality time with your family on a good walk is awesome.

  7. a family that walks together shares more fun together and bonds stronger :) hihi, keep that up Rose, there's so much benefits to walking, especially walking with family.

  8. we've been walking with my family this last month as we walk a 5k in a few weeks. It's been really good to hang out with my kids and dogs.

  9. we've been busy with our work. Wish to get active again, we used to walk miles but not anymore

  10. I am happy to see that you and your hubby are teaching your kids to stay fit. Walking is a nice family activity that builds bonds and keeps the whole family healthy too.

  11. Ah union folk everywhere are cringing. ;) I've been in the area though, and have heard the same about the history.

  12. That is a nice long walking and Kudos to the kids for not complaining. Walking is a great activity that the entire family can enjoy. Catherine S

  13. Great journey post - and for your little ones to go on this long of a hike is very cool - We've always gone on major hikes up major hills - we know to start really early to miss that hot sun - and in Hawaii learned the hard way about not having enough water - beautiful images for a great day :)


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