Monday, April 1, 2013

5 Easy Cures for Chronic Dry Eye Problems

Our eyes rely on the natural flow of tears to provide lubrication and moisture to support comfort and vision to our eyes. If you experience an imbalance in the tear system, you may suffer from dry eye syndrome. People with dry eyes may suffer from light sensitivity, a gritty itchy feeling, redness and even blurred vision. You may also suffer from watery eyes. This is because the eye isn't getting enough lubrication. Dry eyes can also be caused by exposure to harsh weather elements or spending too much time in an artificial environment, such as air conditioning or heating. There are several effective methods for treating dry eye syndrome.

Drink Plenty of Fluid

For overall good health, it is important to keep your body hydrated with fluids, especially water. Water is essential to keep skin glowing and to keep vital organs functioning properly. It is also a necessity for complete eye health as well.

Artificial Tears

This is usually the first treatment for dry eyes and can be easily purchased over the counter. If you suffer from chronic dry eye, it is vitally important to keep your eyes lubricated, even if they feel fine.

Eye Exercises

Eye exercises can help prevent eye strain and will give relief in people suffering from chronic dry eye. Placing cupped hands over your eyes for a few minutes will not allow any light to enter and will give tired eyes a chance to relax. Repeat this several times throughout the day.

Eye Ointments

For chronic dry eye problems, you can purchase a thick ointment which acts as a lubricant while you are sleeping at night time.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Avoid smoky dust filled environments where possible. Also make sure you do not expose your eyes to harsh sunlight. Looking directly at the sun can burn and damage the delicate eye, so make sure you wear wraparound sunglasses at all times when outdoors. If using an air conditioner or heater, try to use a humidifier as well, as this will stop the air from drying out.

People with chronic dry eye symptoms experience uncomfortable irritation in the eyes over a very long period of time. People with dry eye syndrome experience discomfort for shorter periods. For example, when doing long hours of computer work. If possible, when using a computer, have the monitor facing downwards. This will slow down the evaporation of tears whilst doing computer work. A simple test can be performed to determine whether you are suffering from chronic dry eye. 

The results will then enable a suitable course of treatment to begin. With drops and ointments, it may be a case of trying several over the counter medications before you find one suitable for you. Visit Dry Eye website to learn more about eye exercises for chronic dry eye and information on eye medications. Chronic dry eye often goes hand in hand with ageing, hormonal changes and certain medications. If your eyes are suffering from irritation, redness or dryness, take steps to alleviate these problems as soon as possible.

Emma Jane worked as a nutritionist for 5 years before she quit her job to be a stay-home mom of two boys.


  1. great post! I had to deal with dry eyes for a while and these are the things I was told to do. I also had to wear multi coated computer glasses. :)

  2. If you work in an office environment you are more prone to dry eyes. I suffer this and I'm guilty that I'm not doing anything to ease my eye dryness. I do have some eye drops in my office cabinet but I only use it sometimes.

  3. Nice post. I suffered dry eyes when I first started working as medical transcriptionist as I am always on the computer. I was advised to have some eye drops as well as monitor filter and angled my monitor to not facing directly at me.

  4. I have eye problem too and i wear rx glasses. I do that eye exercise sometimes especially when i feel my eyes are so tired and dry. it works too.

  5. thanks for sharing this post sis, I get dry eyes too when I used computer for longer time. I have no choice because its part of my job to be in a computer for 8 hrs. I blink my eyes couple times and drink a lot of water and it helps a lot.

  6. my eyes are bad ever since i could remember, lol! the glasses help but i can tell too much exposure to computer makes it worse. definitely eye drops sometimes help relieve the dryness but i found out the best way to do it is just to rest it then im good again the following day, lol!

  7. this is a very informative post sis, I have eye problem but for few months now I haven't wearing my prescription eyeglasses.. though i sometimes wore it if the boyfriend remind me to wear it..ahahaha

  8. And don't keep your eyes looking at the computer screen for a very long time. :)

  9. I am going to try those eye exercises. My eyes would get teary and tired after a lot of hours looking at the computer.

  10. Very helpful information sis. I am sure a lot of readers can make use of the tips provided here. I personally find this applicable for myself since I am somehow experiencing dry eyes especially with too much exposure to pc,

  11. i cry a lot , i think i will never have a problem with dry eyes but i always have tired eyes

  12. I have a eye dry especially winter. I do use eye drops to help my problem.

  13. Even with my being a crybaby, I still have a dry eye syndrome. The last visit I did to my eye doctor, I was prescribed with an artificial tears.

    Great post, sis!

  14. With my work online, I can definitely use these tips. My eyes need special care as I am always sitting infront of the PC.
    Thanks for these!


  15. Great advice. I have eye problem too, my eyes get dry looking at those lovely smiles. :)

  16. Artificial tears is the first treatment I resorted to when I had to deal with dry eyes. It's just so hard for me especially so that I wear contact lenses from time to time.

    I got such bad pair of eyes not to mention that I am a complete invalid without contact lenses or my spectacles. So these tips is a huge help for me. 1000 grade on both eyes is so hard to deal with. For those who still got 20/20 vision, please take good care of your eyes. Regret comes late. It came just too late for me I should say.

  17. Never have dry eyes before but when i started working online i experiencing once in awhile good thing there's eye drops :)

  18. thanks for sharing all about cures for chronic dry eye...i feel like i am experiencing dry eyes sometimes, so this post is really helpful for someone like me! :) will try to check the website.


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