Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why Gyms Aren’t a Waste of Money

So you have made up your mind that you will finally start working out... at home. You think gyms are waste of money when you can perform the exact same workouts at home and achieve the same results, right? Wrong! As a personal trainer I see many people start and stop their gym membership and when I see people returning to the gym (with an extra 14lbs of weight) it comes as no surprise.

It’s true to say that many workouts can be performed at home but that is really not the reason why gyms are so effective. Here are a couple of reasons that you should be at the gym.

Money & space
You may have considered purchasing your very own treadmill and convinced yourself that it is going to be cheaper over the long term as oppose to gym membership, that’s not always the case. A good treadmill can cost you around $1000 now compare that to around $40 a month for gym membership where you get a variety of the most advanced epileptic training machines. Besides paying for gym membership alone is great motivation to actually go and workout. 

Now let’s talk about set up. If you have an ample amount of space for a gym mat, machines, exercise ball, weights, stretching space, jumping .. I think you get the idea. At a gym all the space you need is available and some gyms offer studio space (when not in use by classes) for more privacy.

Don’t get stuck in rut
Gyms offer variety so you won’t be stuck in a rut with the routine exercises you’ve learned along the way. Most good gyms offer a variety of classes including Zumba, aerobics, Yoga, Pilates and more, all led by professionals. And to top it off some very good gyms have a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna, which not everyone has the luxury of owning in their home.

Your humble abode
What do think of when you are at home? It is a place of refuge, it is a place where you rest, relax put your feet up and unwind. Keep it that way! Why mix up work, working out relaxation and everything else under one roof? Besides the option to not workout is just too tempting.

That thing called motivation
Motivation to workout is one of the greatest challenges of training. Some people easily go through weeks of training, really energetic, determined and enthusiastic but just like that one day that same motivation could be gone and getting it back again isn’t easy if your sitting at home. Like minded people all on a mission to achieve a goal is great motivation for you to keep going when you are at the gym. 

Robin Osbourne is a personal trainer and tennis coach. He's specializes in olympic weight lifting and writes on behalf of The Park Club.


  1. For me Treadmills is a big help elliptical and exercise bikes are mind-blowingly good Which means people need it to lose weight. I used to go to the gym but not now I had my own treadmill sometimes gets lazy but I have time to work out sticking out my boring time. actually it stimulate a fat burning hormonal response and do much better job to stimulating my metabolism.

  2. I did enroll in gym before while I am processing for my physical check up and it did help :-) The instructor is always there for you to help you reach and target your goal :-)

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