Friday, April 26, 2013

5 most expensive iPhone cases

For those of us who have a bit more spare cash laying around there are some really cool iPhone cases available that really say ‘ I've got money’ and to own one of these babies, you’ll need to have the cash to back it up. These custom iphone covers are limited editions, and not the sort that you’ll want to identically leave laying around. To make a really good impression on that first date, one of these babies says that you are a person who knows how to spend their money.

Here are 5 of the most expensive iPhone cases.

Crystal Rock

Everyone loves crystals, and there has been a lot of talk about how great they can be for all different kinds of purposes. The Crystal Rock iPhone 5 case, is studded with Swarovski crystals and is one of the most expensive cases on the market. Your friends will need to wear sunglasses if you decide to choose this one as your case, because it is as sparkly as about 20 disco balls all put together!

The Gold and Black iPhone case

The Gold and Black iPhone 5 case is so expensive that you might need to take out insurance on it if you get one of these! While it’s not the most expensive case available it’s pretty close. If you've got a spare $5000 laying around the rose gold and white model is the most gorgeous of the two, or for $500 less you could get yourself the yellow gold and black version. Its flashy without being too gawdy and just screams out class!

Incase Leather iPhone case

You can’t really go past leather for durability and comfort, or at least that’s how it goes with jackets and shoes. This case, while not the most expensive on the market, is one that will be catching the eye of people all over the place as you whip it out to make a call. Because leather improves with age, this case just keeps getting better and better the longer you have it.

Plain from Grove

The Plain from Grove iPhone case is one of the coolest iPhone cases around, and while its expensive, it won’t break the bank. This unique case is made out of wood and the folks at Plain from Grove will sculpt the wood into any design that you want, so get drawing and work out what you want to have on your case. You won’t find anything as unique as this so splash out and get yourself something that will be a one-off design, of your choosing!

Natural Sapphire Company iPhone 5 case

This is one of THE most expensive iPhone cases ever! In fact, if you happen to have the $100,000 laying around to get yourself one of these then you may as well throw in a bodyguard to look after it for you. Made from 200 carats of natural blue Ceylons, 18karat of white gold, 38 real rubies and natural green sapphire for the Apple logo, this is an iPhone case fit for a king, or queen!

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  1. However the leather holder can wrap the screen well. While you put your iPhone to pocket, the leather case would defend the display from being scratched within the pocket.


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