Friday, December 19, 2014

Early Christmas Presents

Bag and scarf are my early present from daughter and hubby.   I used them when we attended  our daughter's first  performance in Doquesne University.   Since Ms. Burrito was wearing red shoes, I thought of using my red bag to match  embroider in my  top and  also to match my  head piece.  Hubby said that the head piece was to much but I did not care as it kept my ears warm lol.
 I am not into bright   bags but I love how this looks.
Thanks to my lovelies for these early presents.  Hubby also got me  a pair of red shoes but I haven't  tried it yet.  Maybe this Christmas, I would wear it. 


  1. I love your bag! The color is very attractive plus it's glossy texture:) really nice!

  2. a very nice purse, i love the color too as it's my fave.

  3. That's a nice bag. Love the color.


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