Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Excitement

Today was the last day of school for my kinds this year.  We are officially on Christmas break, well except  that my daughter still has one  lesson in Duquesne University for her music classes.  After her class tomorrow, everything will resume in January 5 of 2015,  Thanks God for the wonderful 2014.  We have encountered highs and lows along the way but everything   turned out  well.

This morning, when my son got up, he told us that he  felt nauseous.  We thought he was playing because there was nothing wrong wqith him, he wasn't fevered, not even  a sniffle.  Anyway, when they were leaving, he  threw up everything that he ate.  We told him that he  should stay home because we did not want to send him feeling sick to school.  He told us that he was okay so we let him go.
 I think that he was just very excited about their Christmas  party that  the nerve got into him and made him sick.  My husband talked to the teacher about our son's situation so she is aware of his condition.  When we went there for the party, he was fine.  
 I am so glad that my husband was off today, we got to  attend the  children's Christmas party.  It made them so happy that we were there especially our son.  
I am thankful that  they seldom got sick this year.  They have had some sniffles but it did not last very long.  Last year, they were sick  many times that we told them that we would try to eat as healthy as we could this year and exercise as well and it worked!

I am sharing infographic below about the cold and flu remedies that I found from PhysicianOne Urgent Care,  In this  infographic, you will find helpful tips on how to  prevent and  remedy cold.  Most of the tips here  is what I do with my kids  which contributed to their  healthy being this year.  

Presented By PhysicianOne Urgent Care

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  1. Your kids are so happy! You and your husband seem to be very good parents and do your best for the future of your offsprings. I wish my kids will ask me one day: "Mum, can you please write my essay ?" and I can help them with it. Such moments are so precious.


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