Thursday, December 11, 2014

Levi's Jeans and a Poof Girl Top

 I seldom buy Levi's jeans because it is expensive but my goal is to  to buy one one sale every year.  Last year, I was able to snag a pair for only $12.99 at Macy's and this year, I found one again at the kid's section lol.  I was looking for new jeans for our daughter when I spotted the white  Levi's jeans in size 16.  I thought, why not try it and it might just fit me, and voila, it did!
 I also found an extra large size top (still in kids section) that fits well on me.  Both of these were on sale which made me so happy.  I seldom shop clothes for me but when I find some great deal, I can't pass them.


  1. looking great you sis! wow kakainggit..wish i will be the same..lolz!

  2. Oh, my! That's a great haul. Good thing that you found one on Macy's


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