Friday, December 19, 2014

Spa-Lidays from BeautyBox5 - December Edition

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December is the busiest month of the year.  It's very easy  for us to get   stressed out with the  all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  I am so glad that my children are on Christmas break from school already.  Although I still have to get up early  to  make my husband   his breakfast, I am happy that the kids don't have to get up early and  walk out in the cold weather.  They can sleep in as long as they want now that they are on break.  Anyway, the  delivery of this month's box from BeautyBox5 was a little  behind but  I love it's content so I must say that it's worth the wait.  
The five fabulous products that  would give  us spa-lidays  includes Jaqua bath and body collection, Absolute! New York nail polish remover pads, Juice Beauty stem cellural moisturizer, Nanacoco nail polish in gold glitters, and the lucky number 6 perfume.  
 I received the box today and it's a perfect timing because I ran out of moisturizer already and haven't  buy one yet.  I have been staying late night lately which I really don't like but  I just don't have much time during the day to do my blogging stuff.  As a result, an eye bags are showing so this would help  resolve that problem,
 The nail polish remover  would be a great addition to my daughter and I's nail kit collection.  She accidentally  spilled our nail polish remover so  this could have arrived on a perfect timing.  Whenever I  put on some nail polish, it doesn't really last long  so this would make it easier to clean it  up.  
 With the  freezing temperature that we been having lately, this Jaqua Pink Champagne hand creme with meadowfoam seed oil  would be great to avoid  dry hands.  I don't like Winter because my skin    tend to get very dry which sometimes cause my fingers to split open and it hurts.  
As most of you may know, I am not a make-up kind of girl but I love perfumes.  So whenever the box contains a sample of  perfume, I am in heaven.  I love the scent of this Lucky Number 6 fragrance for women.  The infused scents of harmonious lotus,  tiger lily, cashmere woods, and jasmine  is so divine.  It's mild and it smells so good!
The last but t not the least is this  Nanacoco Nail Polish in  Gold glitters.  Such a festive  one to use for the holidays.  I had a hard time opening this bottle.  I think, it took me  about 20 minutes trying to open it before it finally opened whew.  
I think that this would look great on top of a red  nail polish.  I will try that later on.  Glad I have the  nail polish remover pads.

Thank you so much once again Beauty Box 5 for another fabulous assortment of  pampering products!


  1. nice collection in the box this month, indeed looks everything coincides with the holiday

  2. That is really awesome collection of makeup from the Beauty Box; I love things like this a lot!

  3. Looks like a great box of items. I like the gold glitter nail polish, looks so festive.

  4. The polish would look awesome over red!! Totally try that! I love this box. It's got a great collection of things this month!

  5. That looks like a great box! All of the products look amazing! I love subscription boxes. They're really nice to have.

  6. What a nice beauty box! I'm interested in Lucky Number 6 perfume for women and in the Nanacoco Nail Polish in Gold glitters.

  7. nice products in that box. to be honest, yan ang kailangan ni misis eh.

  8. I love the nail polish! I never had my nails done during my long holiday staycation. I just enjoyed being a mom, wife and daughter. Hope you had a great holiday too. Enjoy your wonderful beauty box. I wish that was offered here too. :)

  9. These are great pampering products, just the things we need to keep feeling beautiful.


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