Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hey there  gorgeous!  Have you planned your Valentine's day yet?

Most women love receiving  fresh flowers on special occasion.  As you may know already, I am very practical when it comes to  things  so receiving flower is not something that I prefer because of its cost.  I would rather have something else that I can use in my everyday life than flower.  I told my husband that.  Well, the flowers you see below was a surprise  when we were in South Korea.  MY husband, despite of what I told him, ordered this  because the military kids from the vase are having the fund drive called flower-gram so he ordered this for me.  Did you know that I preserved this  by freezing them?  But I have to let it go when we were about to  come back here in the States. Again, flower is not that practical, I admit t is sweet but...

Anyway, since Valentine's day is coming up, why don't you head on to and see their selection of  secy lingerie that would  be a perfect piece for you to wear on the heart's month.  It is always  a nice surprise for husbands whenever a wife does some kinky stuff for his eyes only, right ladies?  Teasing your husband once in a while adds spice to the relationship.  This mini dresses would be perfect to seduce your husband would you agree?
Ruffled Hem Sexy DressSexy Stretch Mini Dress With Cut Out Front


  1. these are a great ideas for the upcoming hearts day... i never thought of getting a valentines flowers from my husband as he would prefer to give me material things as it would last, which i prefer to received flowers after all.

  2. Flowers and lingerie would be perfect gifts for VDay.

  3. I'll definitely check them out haha I'm all in for anything sexy!


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