Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pilates - 8 Reasons Why it’s Good for You

Pilates is seen as the exercise routine for everyone. From the youngest and fittest professional athletes through to the elderly, Pilates can provide the essential muscle repairing, body toning, posture improving and circulation increasing solutions to all sorts of different people. Pilates ranges from the simplest of exercises to more advanced levels and a lot of Pilates actually relates to muscle injury, the most common reason for athletes to take up the exercise. Here are eight reasons why Pilates is not only the right option for anyone struggling with injury, but also for those who require an exercise routine that won’t demand a huge amount of intensity.

Injury Risk Reduced

Once you take up Pilates you may notice that manoeuvres that were once quite difficult are now much simpler. This is due to the fact that no single muscle group is targeted in Pilates. With a balanced muscle routine like this you are far less likely to sustain a muscle injury in the future.

Improved Abdomen

We all want to work on our abdominal muscles so that they look flat and toned in time for the holidays and that’s not the only benefit you’ll get from Pilates. Strengthening these muscles gives you the core you need to continue working for prolonged periods of time. The increasing strength of your core will help you go even further with Pilates.

Stronger Overall

Pilates works on all sorts of different muscle groups. Strong muscles throughout the body can prevent muscle-related illnesses in later life. Osteoporosis for example can be prevented with regular Pilates.

Self Esteem

It goes without saying really. If you improve your muscle strength along with a healthy diet, you will notice physical results. You’ll feel great about how you look which can make all the difference to your motivation.

Athletic Performance

Agility, strength, recovery and mobility all benefit from Pilates. Athletes use Pilates to improve their general ability on the field. It will certainly compliment other training programmes you might be working on.


Suffering from back or neck pain due to hours in front of your office computer? Pilates could be the answer. Increased circulation to the muscles helps to relax them and prevent sleepless nights and uncomfortable days.

Everyday Tasks

Cleaning the cupboard under the stairs or reaching the loft will no longer be an issue if you take up Pilates. The muscle balance improves over time and subsequently allows for everyday tasks to be carried out a whole lot easier.

Anyone can do it!

There are no restrictions to Pilates. Even if you’re young but feeling the effects of a stiff neck and shoulders, Pilates could be the answer. It can also prove to be the gateway routine that takes you to new heights with regards to health and fitness.

About the Author

Emma Tinder is a fitness and well being blogger who has contributed this article on behalf of the Physio Therapy Centre, offering Pilates and other physical treatments in the West Sussex region.


  1. My daughters spine doctor put her on a pilates physical therapy because she has stress fractures on her spine. The think from softball, but they are trying to strengthen her core to give more stability to her spine. Simple easy and effective.

  2. Now this is what I need especially on my abdominal area where my stubborn fat is. Great for stretching my back after a hard day of work.

  3. If only there is a Pilates Class near us, I would go. I have always wanted to try it, but I didn't really consider doing it at home. I want to experience taking a class and not just at home. But, since we don't have any available nearby, I might just have to consider it at home. I hear a lot of great things about taking Pilates.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, it really helps

  5. I'm thinking to try yoga and sign up in our community center so it's affordable but they don't have the schedule I want.

  6. Just now I know this Pilates, I think it's good for lady's workouts.

  7. Pilates can really strengthen the core and make you stronger for other activities.

  8. I have always wanted to try Pilates - its just that there are times I am someone who loves intense workouts lol.


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