Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Home Improvement Project

I literally  spent my  labor day doing intensive labor lol.    I painted the   wall's basement  during the holiday  and I am so glad that I  am done  because my neck is killing me right now.  We painted those walls  purple-ish pink a couple of years ago but it looks so dark down there with that color so I told hubby that I am painting it white to make it brighter.  

I am loving the beautiful Bernhardt Furniture that I am looking at online.  I am in the process of  transferring my home  office in the basement   so hubby is planning to  transfer the  sofa  and couch that we have at the living room down there as well.  That means that we will need a new couch and love seat in the living room so I am kind of  scouting some choices online.

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