Monday, July 8, 2013

Five Most Beautiful and Must See Destinations of the World

Land of legends and the largest island in the world, Australia ranks at 1st place in this list of the most beautiful countries. Its rich landscape is striking. The long east coast and its tropical climate contrast is just perfect with the red, arid desert center. The Great Barrier Reef, the "capital" Aboriginal Alice Springs, the sacred rock of Uluru, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin are all names that everyone has heard of.

Australia is also home to the great outdoors with a territory 12 times of France with only 22 million inhabitants. The beaches of the east coast are beautiful, such as the Whitsundays, which are part of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.
Diversity of landscape and culture, Turkey is a country to discover generously, its mountains, cities, beaches and legendary history earns it the 2nd place in this list. Behind the bazaars in shimmering colors, this is a story of a glorious past of an Ottoman empire that has inspired mankind.

Turkey is a bridge between two worlds, East and West. Istanbul is the only city in the world to span two continents, separated by the Bosphorus and has three legendary names that everyone has heard at least once: Byzantium, Constantinople and Istanbul.
Gigantic forests, majestic mountains, lakes, beavers and lumberjacks ... Canada and snowy mountains of the North highlight the splendor and power of nature. The man has learned to live with the ardor to better appreciate the beauty of a huge country, where the seasons succeed each other with extreme creativity. White snow of a harsh winter to shimmering maple leaves in autumn, Canada offers an endless cycle of scented delights.

16 times as large as France, Brazil never ceases to amaze everyone with its contrasts. Besides the human aspect, where the splendor of the Rio Carnival is a perfect example of the ardent fervor that exists in this country, it   predominates Brazil. In Amazonia tr├ępignante, life through the Pantanal wetlands to drought quadrilateral, everything is just a call to the extreme.

A real paradise: a turquoise water at 30 °, the absolutely stunning coral reefs, white sand and coconut trees, this is what comes to mind when one mentions Thailand. But that's not all, because if the hot sun and sand aspect is a big part of representation in this country, there is also Bangkok and its 10 million inhabitants and the Buddhist temples of northern territory of ancient kingdoms founders.

The scenery is varied and the tropical climate allows for an average annual temperature near 28 degrees.

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  1. SO sad I haven't been to any of those countries. I hope someday I can roam around and see the beauty you're describing here.


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