Friday, July 26, 2013

Heart and Soul

Are you familiar with a holton h379? It is an intermediate French horn.  I am not particular with this kind of  music instrument but I  do admire those musician who knows how to play this one.  I think a lot of music  influence that my kids has  can be rooted from my grandparent, my Mom, and my husband's Dad.  They all can play music instrument and can sing.  Unfortunately for me, I can't sing  or play that good lol.  I am just happy that both of our kids   love music.  Below is a video  that I recorded with them performing some songs for the  Filipino Bloggers Forum's anniversary.



  1. Awww, that's so sweet and so beautiful. Well done burritos.

  2. Awww very talented! you kids are so cute too!

  3. I watched another one of your videos! You are so pretty and funny too! I know what you mean about being on a video and forgetting what you are gonna say and being self conscious!!

  4. Very nice for them to learn music and instrument on an earlier age, for it just comes smoothly. very talented kids you have. keep it up mom and dad


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