Monday, July 15, 2013

I Spy Beautiful Eyes

Aging or the inability for the body to completely repair itself occurs as people get older, but other conditions, such as a lack of vitamins can cause the body to age. The skin, while serving as one of the largest organs in the body, takes quite a beating because of its nature to protect the body while serving to rid of the body’s toxins. It shows significant age for a variety of reasons: dehydration, a lack of vitamins, other forms of inadequate nutrition and for the toxins that expel from it. 

These factors and others can lead to substantial wrinkles in the skin. The skin begins to wrinkle when there is a lack of collagen, the skin becomes thin with age, repeated stress and folds create indentations in the skin, one is dehydrated and when the skin’s elasticity is interrupted or halted. The skin surrounding the eyes is particularly problematic for wrinkles. They can occur from squinting, straining the eyes for other reasons or smiling.

Whatever the cause, most women do not like them and for good reason: Even if a woman cannot yet be considered “old,” she shouldn't have to look it before her time. However, to correct wrinkles, there is a crows feet treatment.   JeNu offers this treatment to help correct the damage that has been done around the eyes. The eyes tell much about a person’s age and correcting this one area of the face greatly enhances a youthful appearance. 

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  1. I thought sis, I will be invincible when it comes to wrinkles and crows feet. Feeling ko lng, I'll stay youthful longer than most contemporaries. Unfortunately, as soon as the big 4-0 hit, I started seeing little streaks of lines near the corner of my eyes and my hands are starting to show the real age. Although the neck and face still shows a different age, I'm sure, the time will come and the elasticity of my skin will also give way.

    These products may help delay aging. I may seriously consider using anti-wrinkle cream soon. :)


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