Thursday, July 25, 2013

These Boots Were Made for Walking

Chelsea boots are very on trend at the moment, although they have actually been around for decades. These boots have a distinctive appearance. They just skim the ankle and instead of laces, they come with elastic pieces of fabric on either side, which ensure that the boot fits the wearer's foot perfectly. The toe is typically quite pointed and there's usually a small heel. Because Chelsea boots are not usually flexible around the instep and are designed to be quite close fitting, it is very important to make sure that you choose the right size, as there is not much room for error when it comes to these boots.
Comfort and style

However, once you have the right size, these boots are very comfortable. They have become the daytime footwear of choice for many women, primarily because they don't tend to cause blisters or aching feet. They can be worn even if you are usually on your feet all day. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why Chelsea boots have remained popular over the years. They combine comfort with style. It is not just about the practicality of these boots. In recent years, they have become one of a popular choice of footwear, simply because people like the look of them. Many women find that Chelsea boots serve as a good alternative to heels, as they feel comfortable, but still allow you to look polished and put together.

When to wear Chelsea boots

In terms of when to wear them, there is no definitive rule, but they do work well during the chillier months of the year. While they are technically not winter boots, they are sturdy enough to be worn when it is icy and snow on the roads and will keep your feet warm and cosy when the temperature drops. However, although fashionable Chelsea boots are best suited to the colder seasons, because they are only just ankle skimming, you can get away with wearing them when the weather heats up, making them quite a versatile addition to your wardrobe, although it is probably best to stick with sandals if it's really scorching outside.


Styling Chelsea boots should not be too tricky, as they tend to come in neutral colours and their simple, clean design means that they can be paired with a number of different outfits. When wearing them with jeans, it is best to opt for skinny or slim fit jeans, as Chelsea boots don't work quite as well with bootcut styles. It is important to consider the length of the trouser leg as well, ideally, if you want to show off your boots, opt for a slightly shorter jean leg length than you normally would. Chelsea boots can also be used to toughen up girl dresses and skirts, adding an edge and making them look a bit more modern. A floaty dress, paired with these boots and a cropped leather jacket would be a good example of this type of ensemble.

Anna Kennedy is a freelance writer who writes about a wide variety of fashion-related topics. She offers tips and advice on everything from how to buy the most fashionable Chelsea boots, to how to create a capsule wardrobe.


  1. Cute boots. and your model is sooo adorable. :-) As much as I would like to wear fancy boots when going out, the weather here in our country is so hot that my feet would be sweating the moment I step out of the house. Sticking to ankle boots while here.

  2. Very adorable model, she makes the boots look great.:)

  3. Those are so totally gorgeous boots!

    I love boots! I'm happy I live in Baguio City where the weather is mostly cool so I can wear boots whenever I feel like a fog is coming on, which is usually most of the time, even during the summer. :P hehe

  4. Those are some awesome boots and it fits her well. She looks lovely. :)

  5. I love her boots. so fashionista. I bet Wrozlie will love it too.

  6. The camera loves your Ms. Burrito! She looks like a model.


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