Friday, July 26, 2013

Hair Accessories for Her Uniform

We bought some hair accessories for  our daughter when we went to the uniform place.  I don't let my daughter go to school with a messy hair.  Although she resisted having her hair done most of the time but I always  tell her that the way they represent themselves in the school or in any public  places would always reflect to us, parents.  

Anyway, those were the new  hair accessories that our daughter has for her uniform.


  1. I totally agree! We always tell the mushroom about this too!! Everything goes back to how she's raised at home.

  2. Those are really cute hair accessories. My daughter's school here is very strict with good hygiene and personal appearance. The school even has their own hair accessories in school that is only acceptable to be worn. They cannot use other hair accessories except the ones issued by the school along with their uniforms.

    Kids should know the value of projecting themselves appropriately because it is a reflection of how parents are raising their kids.

  3. I love matching outfits and accessories. I always keep my kids clean and presentable too. But as they are toddlers, it's hard to keep them tidy all the time.:/


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