Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby Sling

When I had  my second  child,  a friend gave us a baby sling.  I only used it a couple of times and did not think that I will need it in the future so I gave it away.  A year after that, we went for a  mountain climbing  and I badly need one, glad that one of the Moms I know lent me one.  I noticed that most of  the Asian Moms in the country where we live for  two years uses this product.  
When you have a baby at home, it's nice to have one of this  because it makes it easier for both parents and the baby to  move around.   It's comfy for the baby and it makes it easier for Mom and Dad to carry the former.   As you can see in the photo, the baby is enjoying her ride from Mommy.  Take for example when you have to buy groceries, you can use your two hands even  with baby in tow. 

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