Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trips and Camps

My friend who lives in New York just posted their outdoor  adventure pictures at one of the social network.  Just by  looking at the photos, it looks like there's plenty of  places to explore and activities to do in New York. If you are looking for a perfect summer experience for your family like  camping, check out the   Sleepaway Camps In New York.  You can find summer program options for  kids and adults alike at Tips on Trips and Camps website such as wilderness expedition, teen camps and tours, creative  and performing arts, community services opportunities and more.  

When it comes to outdoor activities, my family is all up for it especially if  involves nature trekking.  We did not go for a major vacation this year but we definitely explore the  local places that we know so the kids can enjoy the rest of the summer.  Is a bummer that the weather is starting to get cooler each day which means that summer is about to end.  We still have plan to visit one of my father-in-law's sister who live down in West Union.  My children love it there because they live way down in the countryside and there's a  creek near their house.   It would be  great  to be able to do that again.  Below is just  some of the photos I took during our last visit there.  

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