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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Goofing Off

 I tried  getting a good picture of my two Burritos but the Mister  just kept goofing off lol.
The little Miss is always willing to pose but the Mister  isn't.

On the other note, I watched the kick off  premier of the Dancing with the Stars last night and Kirstie Alley took the host, Tom Bergeron, by surprised with a kiss.  Hmmmmn, that makes me curious, was it a strategy?  Who knows, lol.


  1. mister......enjoying in his own way....

  2. The Miss is so pretty. She can be a model one day! :)

    Visiting from MYM.
    My MYM entry

  3. Sometimes it's the goofing off shots that are the real keepers :).

  4. Thanks for sharing your blues. Your children are growing like weeds!

    Happy Blue Monday, Rose.

  5. It is nice they are different. She s more reserved and he is a fun fellow.

  6. The pictures are great - little boys will always do these sort of things during a picture shoot. Next time these will be used as bunny ears behind!

  7. I think the candid shots you've gotten are more telling of how they
    really are instead of a completely posed one.
    The shots are cute Rose!

  8. Lovely shot of happy children. Thanks for contributing to Mandarin Orange Monday.

  9. Adorable shots. I guess most boys do that :)

  10. wow sweet naman ng magkapatid, visiting you on RT2, the tumbler

  11. Fun shots of your beautiful children. Thanks for visiting mine and to answer the question, none of the cats are mine. They are my neighbors cats but they come to my yard a lot. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  12. Ms Burrito with her purse... all grown up :D

  13. Ms Burrito with her purse... all grown up! :D


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