Friday, September 21, 2012


I don't normally  buy shoes online because it is hard to tell if it will fit me or not because sizes are not  consistent.  However, when I saw the shoes that I am wearing in the photo, I was drawn to it that I had to buy it lol.  My husband  bought me  a pair of boots last year and that's what    I usually wear during winter times.  I used to wear high heels when I was still working  but now, I only wore them at church.

Seeing  the  Tory Burch Calista  selection reminds me of  the time  back when I was still in my country.   I always admire  celebrities I see on TV who wear Boots.  But since we live in a tropical place, I never get to experienced wearing one.  When I came here, it gave me the  opportunity to be able to wear boots.  

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