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Foods That Help Reduce Your Cholesterol

Reducing your cholesterol levels is as easy as changing your diet and exercising. It's important to choose foods that are healthy and plant based. Cholesterol comes from animal foods, and these are the main contributors of high cholesterol. Here are some foods to help you understand how to lower cholesterol in your everyday intake.
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Oats are a delicious food that makes a hearty breakfast. Choose steel-cut oats for the most natural and healthiest choice. Cook oats in a pot of water by following the instructions on the package. You can add a small amount of sugar and fruit to make this meal a little sweeter. A serving of oats has only 166 calories and about five grams of fibre. The fibre in oats is what is responsible for lowering your cholesterol.

Eat Organic Soy

Organic soy is a perfect food for lowering your cholesterol. It is low in saturated fats and high in plant nutrients that your body needs. You can choose from soy milk, soy yoghurts, cheeses and even ice creams. You may want to snack on edamame, experiment with tofu or try protein-rich tempeh. These foods are increasing in popularity, and they taste great.

Eat Your Beans

Beans are a great food to have included in your diet. Black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans and lima beans are a few of the most popular choices. They can be added to soups, stews and burritos. They are a quick meal that packs a ton of fibre, no fat and a lot of nutrients. One serving of beans can have as much as half of your fibre needs for the day.

Get Your Greens

Green vegetables are a perfect food. They are low in calories but high in nutrients and fibre. Spinach, kale and collards are the best choices for heart-healthy greens to get your cholesterol levels regulated.

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds are high in calories and fat, but they are great in moderation. They contain heart-healthy fats, vitamins and protein. They provide long-lasting energy that will keep you full. Eat nuts after a workout to give your body a boost. Pumpkin seeds are an especially good choice since they are high in zinc. Walnuts have the highest level of omega-3 fatty acids.

Eat More Fruit

Fruit is the no-fat dessert that everyone dreams of. People are often afraid of fruit because it has sugar, but it also has a ton of vitamins you need. Fruit will give you energy and fibre. You can't go wrong with bananas, dates or melons.
When choosing cholesterol-lowering foods, go for plant-based foods in their natural state. Processed foods have hidden fats, nasty ingredients and can increase your weight and cholesterol levels.
Author Bio: Mandy is a stay-at-home mum with 2 children in primary school, in her past time she loves to garden, travel, cook and write blogs for other stay at home mums and anyone with similar interests.


  1. My daughter loves fruit! I have to limit it so she doesn't get an upset stomach.

  2. Looks Good! the Strawberries make me want some.

  3. Yum!! I pinned this too!!! Love things like that!!

  4. yummy this made me hungry for a snack

  5. Great tips, I drink a shake with oatmeal in it every day, helps to get it in without having to eat it! I also do a shake with kale because I can not stand the taste, bananas cover up so many things and make them edible.

  6. I love those crescents with hotdogs! They're the best! I agree Strawberries are good breakfast fruit. I always have them everyday morning and greens are indeed one of the best!

  7. These are great tips! I love how decorative you present you snacks.

  8. This is what i need then. I had my blood work done and i was told that everything looks great and normal except for my cholesterol. Ugh! she said it's a little high.

  9. Better start eating healthy foods prevent from all the high cholesterol problem in the future.

  10. Yep I need these type of foods as we do have a history of high bad cholesterol level. It is best to have it controlled now before it gets too late.


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