Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How To Not Run In A Totally Embarrassing Way

I see pictures of girls running and I always pray to God that is what I look like. Then, I start to really think about what my face is doing and in my head I think I look like an Olympic runner but in reality, I probably look like a little crazy with eyes all squinty from the sun and my mouth hanging open to breathe some fresh air. For you runners out there that run in a neighborhood, at the gym, or anywhere with people around, there are a few things you should remember to make sure you don't look incredibly stupid while you are working out. Don't brush this off with one of those, "I don't care what people think about me" sayings. Yes you do. Everyone does. Here's my advice to all you runners out there who want to look a little less embarrassing while you are doing your thing on your jog.

Be aware of your face.

I always run at the worst times of the day. Either bright and early when the sun is right in my line of vision or around 6 at night, when the sun is setting and is still in my line of vision. It's the worst because I feel like I am getting a huge sunburn, and my eyes are all squinty and I just know I look really silly. So in order to keep your face from looking like a fat Asian baby, really concentrate on making sure your eyes are either fully open or just simply look down at the ground while you are running. The best part about this trick is it takes your mind off of running for a second so for a few blissful moments, you forget that you were ever staring directly into the sun.

Watch your shadow.

Ah, the vainest advice of them all. When in doubt, check out your shadow. It's like a dark mirror that makes you look good because it highlights the contours of your body rather than all of your imperfections like a real mirror. Stupid real mirrors. Anyway, check out your shadow and make sure your back isn't hunched over and that your arms and legs are moving at a steady pace. Don't forget to hold your head up, too. Fake that you are enjoying this run and it will actually come across as such.

Keep your arms moving.

This might sound silly, because of course you move your arms when you run. But I know a few people who keep their arms as stiff as robots while on the treadmill. This looks like you are a crazy person. Remember that episode of Friends when Phoebe runs all crazy-like and throws her arms in the air and flails them about? Well, you don't have to go to this extreme, but make sure your arms are actually moving from side to side rather than looking like a still-life painting.

Wear sunglasses and a hat.

When all else fails, just cover up your entire face. Hide those squinty eyes with some sunglasses. Cover up your head with a hat. Throw on a jacket for good measure and go for a run. No one will even recognize you so you can look as embarrassing as you please with no remorse.

About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith Security, a home security monitoring company. She looks like a fool when she runs, but she tries not to.

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  1. these are really interesting point. i didn't think about this as that important because in my opinion when they are running they should be focusing on getting to their destination, well maybe for some people who are conscious about their looks it's a concern but in my case i dont care. My purpose is to run and sweat, burn those calories and i guess i'll be too tired and busy to check on my shadow or something like that hehehehe. I think it's best to wear hats so we don't squint from the sunlight.


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