Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The First Step to Natural Beauty

 photo treehutfoot-GoogleSearch_zpsdd84afd4.jpgOne thing that I  wish would change from my body is my feet.  I have a very thick skin  at my heels and sometimes they crack which is not  appealing at all.  Sometimes when I want to wear heels, I  always  put it back in the shoe rack because I am embarrassed  of my  thick  and cracked heels.  I have tried a couple of products  to smoothen it out but nothing really works.  But anyhow, I read about the  Tree Hut foot cream from one of the blogs I have visited  who also have the same  issue as me with her feet.  I learned that their foot cream has a  certified  organic shea butter which helps to repair your skin and moisturize it.  It also has a rose hip oil which is  known to have an anti aging property.  I love to try this  to see if it could help rejuvenate my  feet's skin.  I also like to try their foot scrub, as it has a  real and natural sugar that exfoliates  and smoothen your skin.
The  Tree Hut hand cream has Aloe Very and Peppermint Oil and it is  paraben free.   The aloe vera and the peppermint oil is a perfect combination to moisturize  ones's skin.  I dug a little deeper about  the product so I like Tree Hut on Facebook.  You might also want to like them in order for you to get their recent   deals and updates.  You can also  get in touch with them by following Tree Hut on Twitter.  Tree Hut products can also be found at Walmart stores so make sure to check on that.   I will definitely give Tree Hut foot and hand care products a try just so I could   put on  the ensemble that I am thinking below.


  1. Oh I love the shorts and top... but could you pls send first to me the hand cream,because I need that for my wrinkled hands. lol


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