Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Garden Inspiration

We went for a walk last Friday after my  daughter's  piano lesson and I got to see so many beautiful  gardens along the way.  I got inspired so we dropped by at the store and  we bought some mulch and gardening  soil.  I also  bought a plant  to add in my existing plants in the flower bed.  I worked on that project the whole day last Saturday   I got sunburn that my husband was worried as he said that he never saw me  so red before.  After I drink  lots of water and showered, I was fine though.    Another source of inspiration that I have is the The Gro Project.  They have a lot of  fun garden projects that you can look and  learn from.  

Let me tell you a little  bit about the project  that I did last weekend.  My husband find it hard to mow the smal strip of grass  at the corner of our yard so I decided to  just it  and plant something in it.  Since we did not have the kind of rock that we used before, I  decided to use mulch to add some colors to it.  I bought a  burning bush  then dug out some of my  hosta and  day lilies  at the backyard and planted it there.  The dandelion on that side of the yard is a bit heavy so to avoid  them from growing at the flower bed, I use the landscape netting after I  laid out the Miracle-Gro gardening soil, then top it off with the mulch.  I haven't  buy the Moisture Control Potting Mix that I need but I will do that next time we go to the store.   

You might want to watch some of the project that could inspire you through the video below.  You can follow the Miracle Gro Pinterest page and be updated of their projects all year round.  Miracle Gro has an expansive library of articles and videos  full of expert gardening tips for beginners  and professionals alike.  You would also benefit  from the online tools  that will help you solve common  garden problems and find the right product for a healthy and beautiful garden that you want.


  1. I just did yard work and thought I did a good job until that picture, I need help with mine can you come over, lol.

  2. I have been in my gardens all day. Yours looks amazing

  3. I would love to make mine garden look that good I will be working on it this summer

  4. Wow that is really beautiful. My son and I have been working in the front yard putting more mulch on everything. It is so dry everything is dead but the weeds.

  5. Nice place, those are a lot of stones there. thanks for sharing


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