Friday, May 24, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Thank God, it's the last day of school today.  We ended it up with a celebration of mass at church and then we came home.  I have a lot of catching up to do with my blog posts, I am way behind the events  that I want to post.

My six years old son  made this at his art class in school.  He gave it to me right away when he came home from school.  I love the handprint on the bottle.  They painted  the inside part of the mason jar and then they made a card to go with the flower that says:

"Children have certain way,
of growing bigger everyday,
But this little Hand
and this special smile will stay
in our hearts a long, long while."
Happy Mother's Day.
Love, EJ
The same art teacher  helped the second graders made the projects for  Mother's day.  My daughter  have this plate  painted with glittery but clear paint then they glued two flowers  in it.  The card says:

I'm growing like a flower
With all your love and care
all your hugs and kisses
Make the good times that we share.

I'm growing like a flower
We know that it's true
So I made this card in 2nd grade
To say "I Love You."
My husband pampered me also.  He cooked breakfast in the morning, then we we went to church, we ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant and we did some shopping spree after wards.  He also gave me a pot of   miniature roses.
To my Lovelies, thank you for making my day a very special one!
I love how the backlight on the fist photo below is shaped like a heart.
How about you, how was your Mother's day?


  1. WOW! it's over all ready! LOL! What cute gifts you received for Mother's Day!

  2. My Mother's Day was amazing!
    Like yours: showered by the love of the little ones!

  3. Aww! That is so very thoughtful of your family!

  4. All of the crafts were great but I especially love the plate. Very cute!

  5. Aww, I love gifts like that. You are very lucky.

  6. What wonderful gifts!! I am sure that you will keep them always and remember the love that was put into the making of them!

  7. Ah, so sweet! It was really your big day!

  8. Such cute gifts from the kids. I'm glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day! A wonderful break from all the hard work. My is great too!

  9. Nice gifts! Your children are the sweetest. You have a beautiful family to celebrate Mother's Day with :-)

  10. Love the hand made gifts from the kids. Belated happy mother's day!

  11. Aaawww! how sweet. These kiddos truly love their mom, no words can say or express their love for you :)

  12. your kids are so sweet! I'm sure you had a great Mother's Day.

  13. Awwww... Mr. Buritos art is so nice and neat .... how sweet naman Rose, hugs to both of them they're now grown ups :)

  14. What a fun and memorable Mother's Day you have Sis :-) My kids also surprised with home made Mother's Day gifts they made in school. It was sweet and love their gifts.

  15. Cute little kids with cute little gifts but undoubtedly meant the whole world to you. :) It's very obvious that you had a blast on Mother's Day.

  16. oh my such priceless smiles and gifts...your beautiful family inspires me so much and your little Miss and little Mr. are the sweetest! :)

  17. You have thoughtful children and hubby. Ganda ng gift ni love sa iyo. My Mother's Day. Nothing special. Just kissed my mom.

  18. you have 2 amazing angels... ang gaganda and gagwapo pa! :)

    Cheers to your kids! :)

  19. oh, so love the poems written by your two kids, what joy must it be reading them, a very beautiful Mother's Day gift.


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